Shanghai is such an international city that you can get anything you want. You just have to know where to look. So if you live in Shanghai, or if you are just visiting and you want to experience live stage shows, music, or sporting events, we can help.

Here are four sports leagues and events in Shanghai that remind us of home.

Chinese Basketball Association

Shanghai Sharks Basketball of the CBA

The NBA is hugely popular in China. So it shouldn’t be surprising to see that it also has a thriving domestic basketball league, the China Basketball Association.

Of all the teams in the CBA, the Shanghai Sharks have perhaps the most connections to the NBA. NBA all star and Basketball Hall of Fame inductee Yao Ming owns the team. Current Sharks players include former Naismith Player of the year Jimmer Fredette. While former NBA all star Gilbert Arenas played with the team in 2012.

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American Football League of China

American Football League of China

While American Football fans are often limited to people in the US, the American Football League of China is growing the sport here in China complete with familiar team names like Tigers, Cobras and Titans.

The AFLC has been operating a 20 team league in China since 2013. In 2016, the league reported that 92% of the players in the league were comprised of Chinese citizens.

Shanghai is home to arguably the highest level of American Football played in China. Shanghai’s teams (Shanghai Warriors,  and the Shanghai Titans) have combined to win 4 of the 5 AFLC championships.

Though the league only plays from August through November of each season you can get tickets to Shanghai American Football events on

Kontinental Hockey League

Kunlun Red Star Shanghai

The Kontinental Hockey League is truly an international hockey league with teams from Russia, Finland, Latvia, Slovenia, Belarus, Kazakstan and China.

The KHL plays games in both Asia and in Europe and brings players from all over the world to play hockey across 14 different time zones.

The Shanghai based Kulun RedStar brings teams from all over the world to Shanghai to compete in their Pudong based arena. You can find their games and schedules and tickets by visiting the 247 tickets website.

Oriental Wrestling Entertainment

Lastly, if you love the fun, excitement, jeering and jostling of the WWE, the Oriental Wrestling Entertainment just might be for you.

Wrestling is a very new sport to many Chinese spectators, and this inexperience allows its wrestlers to create an experience that is half Chinese, half Western, but always interesting and entertaining.

Spectators at the event can often find traditional WWE style moves and speeches peppered with Kung Fu and pop icon groups.

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