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Shanghai is truly international city. So whether you’re looking to experience an American football game, an 80’s tribute band, or a spiritual tour of old Shanghai, you can always find a taste of home with a Chinese twist.

So if you’re ready, we will help you to understand some of the best live stage shows that Shanghai welcomes every year.

Shanghai Stand Up Comedy

No one will ever confuse stand up comedy in Shanghai for New York, but that doesn’t mean that Shanghai is absent for English language stand up comedy. Shanghai is home to several stand up comedy venues that host everything from open mic nites to well known comedians like Jim Gaffigan.

Shanghai’s stand up scene draws people from all around the world, which means means that the you can get a sense of comedy all around the world in just one ticket.

Shanghai Magic Shows

One of the great things about magic is that you don’t you don’t need to speak the language or understand the culture to still be amazed.

Every year, Shanghai welcomes international magic acts on various tours from the UK, US and other countries in Asia.

Blackstone Magic Bar gives customers an experience that combines intimate sleight of hand magic with some of the best cocktails in Shanghai.

If you want to see which shows are playing, visit the 247Tickets website.

Shanghai Musicals

Due to its sophisticated citizens, and its international nature some could argue that Shanghai is one of the best places in the world to take in musical theater.

Shanghai brings such a wide variety of musicals that range from English language Broadway productions like Cats and Evita to Chinese language Broadway productions like Beauty and the Beast, to purely Chinese language interpretations of popular western novels like The Moon and Sixpence.

To see all the available musicals playing in Shanghai, visit the musicals page on the 247tickets website.

Shanghai Ballet

World class ballet in Shanghai

Ballet is one of the most beautiful forms of dance in the world. And while China is often more known for Beijing opera than ballet, Shanghai’s sophisticated, international, residents mean that Shanghai is a must stop for the top ballet companies from around the world.

So while most people don’t associate world class ballet with Shanghai, it is not uncommon to see troupes from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev all come to Shanghai to perform well known performances like Swan Lake and the Nutcracker.

If you live in, or are just visiting Shanghai and want to see what is available, look at the 247 tickets site for all the ballet that Shanghai offers.