Hello and welcome to our site. You may have been here before or this may be your first time, either way, welcome and enjoy!

We are a small band of like minded people who set up Shanghai247 a few years ago to provide interesting and insightful articles, videos, podcasts and features highlighting the Shanghai and China music, art and urban scenes. We also launched Pulp magazine, which grew into something special.

Over time, Shanghai247 became something bigger than we could have imagined - we had full time editors who worked for measly sums, we had a whole host of contributors who gave up their time to write brilliant articles and we had a great time doing it.

Sadly, all of this costs money, and as we wanted to be self sufficient, we looked at various ways of doing this without advertising on the site - we wanted people to be able to read articles, not be blinded by garish adverts selling uninteresting things.

This led us to open 247Tickets.com (head that way to buy all your tickets!). 247Tickets is solely there to provide funds to make Shanghai247 and everything else great. We make no money from anything else, and we're proud of what Shanghai247, 247Tickets and the whole company has done.

It is now time to do something a bit different, to bring something new (we hope!) to Shanghai and China. Bring on the new and improved Shanghai247.net!

We've transferred most of the articles from the old site to this one. It's easier to navigate and hopefully easier to read.

But this isn't the exciting thing...

Shanghai247 will be completely not for profit, the staff writers are doing it for free, so are the contributors.

So there you go, lots of exciting things coming up and we'll make you aware of them as soon as they're live. You can keep up to date by signing up at the bottom of the site.

Shanghai247 is very much a work in progress, so if you want a new feature let us know and we'll do our best to impliment it. If you spot any bugs (and there may be a few!) let us know by emailing us.

If you would like to become a contributor, you can submit an article NOW by emailing contact@shanghai247.net. Same goes for if you're interested in becoming a contributor.

Go for it.