247tickets Mini Program


tixy the Search Bot


Introducing the very best in event experience convenience!

All New Mini Program

Paired with our Chinese account 247玩乐行 [wán lè xíng - remember that!] is our beautiful, brand spanking new Mini Program:

It has all the features of our desktop www.247tickets.com site, with a fully English interface - and a few cool new features too!

Pin & Find Anytime

To make it easier to search for the best events near you at any time, pin the Mini Program - that way you don't have to scroll through looking for the Offical Account or type 247玩乐行 each time.

Once it's pinned, to find it again simply drag down [instead of up to scroll through your chats] and there it'll be, waiting for the fun to begin.

Switch Cities

Step 1

Step 2

The Mini Program will auto-detect your location, but if you want to see what else is going on around the country - planning a trip, or just feeling curious - two clicks is all it needs to change cities.

Find Your Interests



Just like the desktop site, finding events by category is super simple, with subcategories appearing once you've clicked on the main category.

Easy Filter

As well as category and subcategory, you can still search by Popular, Latest, and Date.

And a cool new feature - you can select particular dates to see everything that's happening on that day!

Easiest Booking Ever!

As you can see, booking your next great event experience has never been simpler: click on the event; tap 'book now', then choose the date and ticket type [if applicable] that you want.

And! All the info plus your e-tickets are stored in the Mini Program!

Save For Later

Sometimes you've not quite made up your mind whether to go or not - no worries, we got ya!

Just hit the star icon and the event is automatically saved in your Wishlist, which you can return to at any time.

Easy Share

Want to share the latest thing that's caught your eye and get the whole crew to go down with you?

Sharing events just got really easy: a couple of finger taps to share with individual friends and group chats.

All You Need 247

All your info is kept secure and in one place, ready for you 247.

So what are you waiting for?

Better Begins Now


The All New Search Bot!

That’s right, she’s essentially the Siri of events but not as sassy… tixy can be added as a friend on WeChat and talk to you 1 to 1

Or if you’d like, you can add her to any group and she’ll help out you and your friends!

In a group, you have to mention @tixy to get a reply

Start by greeting tixy, choose your language, and let her know the city you’re looking for events in:

You can ask for ideas and research together where to go out!

Once she recognizes a term, based on synonyms, she’ll turn it into a category like in the example below:

“brunch” becomes the “Food & Beverage” Tag emoji and she’ll provide a plus the link to all of the options:

However, if you type in a word related to a type of event you are looking for, tixy will do a search using the Magnifying Glass emoji:

Once tixy has replied with a list, you can reply with the number of your choice — this is the only case where you do NOT have to mention “@tixy” in the conversation:

You can also search multiple words without a problem like in the example below:

Tixy will reply with the event information, poster and link.

Lastly, you can also search for events at your favorite venues!

Make sure to “@tixy venue” and type in the name of the venue of your choice.

Be on the lookout for her in groups because she’ll be out there saving your days!