If you weren’t able to attend any of these pool parties...

or you were at least able to catch one, I suggest you try to make it to the next one because it’s tons of fun! Even if these parties end at around 7 or 8pm, people will still mob together to the next place to continue the fun and since you’ll meet hella new people, it’s bound to be a lit time!

sorry, girl in the red top lol

"Get Zimmered"

August 23 - Zimmer @ Arkham

Like any other night at the infamous Found158, Arkham was packed with eager people — all gathered for the same man, French DJ, Zimmer. The opening DJ warmed up the crowd to vapor-wave funk beats as everyone proceeded with their pregame, two-step and chill head bop.

At around midnight, the man of the hour finally came out and the lights went from bright white to different shades of pink and purple. A blissful moment really. His name came on the projector and you knew it was time to really let the stress of the work-week go and enjoy the present. In other words, we were ready to get Zimmered.

He started off quite soft and slowly interwove deeper beats as his set went on. People were swaying to and fro. Some even had their eyes closed, truly feeling the music. While others like me, were just in awe with eyes wide open to be witnessing the songs we’ve been streaming, live. He had a very lax vibe to him but you could also tell he was very focused on his craft, making sure he was delivering the right beats at the right time.

a true millenial...with not just one, but two phones

Before seeing him live I had not heard of him and I’m glad I did as I surfed through the 247tickets.com website a few weeks prior. I would definitely not mind seeing him again.

“Go To Let Loose!”

August 24 - Last Bash Before School @ Yuyingtan Livehouse

If you’ve been to any event at the Yuyingtan Livehouse, you know you’re always going to be in for a treat. There’s never a dull moment full house or not. The people that work there and the people that attend really make the concerts worth while just because it feels like it’s a bullsh*t-free zone 🤷🏻‍♀️

The Last Bash Before School opened with flamenco virtuosos ClanDestino. The 3-man ensemble was powerful enough to make you feel like you needed to board a plane to Spain in that moment. The vocalist’s gypsy-like voice, plus the beats of the cajon & the iconic melodies from the guitar were really taking people on a trip.

After they opened up the show, Shanghai's indie rock grin merchants, DaHaha came on to light up the stage. There were easily over 200 people in there and it was tons of fun! It was the lead singer’s birthday the day before so the energy was extra high as if everyone in there was fam and had to make up for the birthday celebration. So we all did. We danced, we sang, some even moshed, we screamed, and we set drinks on stage as born-day offerings to Matt — the birthday man of the night.

祝你生日快乐 Matt!

Following DaHaHa’s lively set, local punk rock outfit Poetry in Shorts came on stage and set the vintage mood on. The lights were fully on on stage, one could see the cables, the raw set up and all. These 3 dudes were super cool lookin. They wore slacks, and button ups like old Chinese men do but their fit just worked wonders on them! One of the singers was even wearing a Lawson’s-inspired shirt… like c’mon man can I get that from Taobao if I take a picture?

peep that Lawson's shirt 👀

…. I mean I did take a picture, best believe I did!


Up until half way through their set, we left but overall it was an eventful night and y’all just gotta go whenever another get together like this happens because it’s very entertaining and people from all walks of life and ages go to let loose!

“You Have Been Recruited”

August 30 - Barong Family @ TAXX

Lastly, to close off August right… I went to the Barong Family Label Night event. Last-minute to be honest but I’m glad I went! There was a huge line outside of the iconic power-house club, you could tell people were antsy and eager to get in before other people on the guest list did. This label isn’t just any small project in the works.

The Barong Family was created by Dutch-duo Yellow Claw. A few of their members include: Moksi, LNY TNZ, San Holo, Dirtcaps, and Kayzo. It has been around since 2014 and they’ve been taking festivals and venues by storm at a global scale. They specialize in hardstyle, Dutch house, jungle terror and trap. Basically a coverage of many Electronic Dance Music branches.

That night specifically, five of their many artists came through for Shanghai. OG Dutch DJs LNY TNZ headlined as Lil Texas, Sihk, Juyen Sebulba, and Bellorum took care of the opening and closing of the night… or morning at some point.

These type of events tend to really get going until at least midnight, if not 1am — and that’s completely normal. EDM schedule honestly works just because it gives you enough time to have a solid pregame, make a few rounds around the area to several bars (if you’re at a place like Found158), socialize, eat last minute if you get the munchies, and finally enter the venue to burn it all off because you’re bound to jump and headbang for at least 3 or 4 hours. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Sometimes DJs aren’t predictable so you don’t really know if they’ll hold back on their drops or if they’ll really care for connecting with the crowd because it just might be another stop on their tour. Fortunately this was not the case.

I got there 3/4 in through Juyen Sebulba’s set — who did an amazing job at setting up the vibe and expectations for the dirty beat-fiend crowd. As LNY TNZ made their way on stage with a bang, the crowd immediately went crazy. These guys have been around for a while, one longer than the other but nonetheless very hype. That crowd was insanely packed and the hair flying and bumping was intense. Being literally in front of the DJ turntables was wild as well, got to see LNY TNZ up close & personal — really felt their energy.

I did not have to zoom in for this one which was priime

Eventually we made our way up to the second floor for oxygen, AC and views of the club as you may see below. The Barong Family does not play and they make you feel like you have been recruited as a member as soon as you witness them live. Truly a show!

Does this not look insane?!

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