It's the 22nd of August, and the 247 crew would like to wish everyone a happy...

National Baozi Day!

The Baozi.

Enclosed in a brown bamboo case   early  in the morning; fluffy, steamy, aromatic - juicy and tasty in all its glory.

ALL its 3-kuai glory .

"Veggie,  or pork bun?"

"In the beginning there was baozi."


According to legend, the baozi was invented by a Chinese military strategist during the 3rd century. Now, it's evolved into countless names, flavours, and sizes!


Some go for the OG pork-meatball flavour, others say the chicken curry baozi at FamilyMart is the true hero. Either way, we can all agree - stuffed steamed buns unite people through hard (financial) times.


Remember when Disney-Pixar released this short film about a baozi that sort of came to life, went through puberty, and ended up being eaten by his mom?

You remember.

- and you still cried.

So chic

In the famous words of Marie Antoinette:

"Let them eat baozi".

Okay, she didn't say that - but we can't help but share this scrumptious-looking chocolate & berries baozi! So chic.

Check out these awesome bun-filled activities to celebrate this tasty holiday!

Lunch Set @ The Kunlun Jing An

Enjoy some of the finest Cantonese food in Shanghai at the idyllic Kunlun in Jing'an! Cantonese food with impeccable flavors along with their unmatched service. The lunch set is filled with mouthwatering stuffed buns and more!

The Kunlun Jing An

August 24 - October 15

From ¥198

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Hands-On Dumpling Delights by UnTour Food Tours

Are you obsessed with stuffed buns?

This one's just for you!

Sample regional varieties of dumplings! Find out how chefs get the delicious broth inside soup dumplings, the region's most famous dish, and discover Xiaolongbao's soupy secrets!

Xuhui Shanghai

August 24 - December 28

From ¥435

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Street Eats Breakfast by UnTour Food Tours

Some of Shanghai's best food is found streetside in the morning hours. If you're an early riser, grab a group for a street food tour in the beautiful former French Concession. Steaming baskets of the city's finest soup dumplings and more are on offer!

Xuhui Shanghai

August 24 - Decmeber 31

From ¥390

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"To bao, or not to baozi? ‌‌That is the wenti." - An ancient Chinese proverb
"I'm going to make him ‌‌a baozi he can't refuse. " - The Baofather

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