“Are we on the set for (Insert Rapper’s Name)?”

July 21 - SHFT. Pool Party @ Shoushan Wealth Club

As surprising as it may sound, after living in Shanghai for a year and a half - I had not been to a single pool. Either because I wasn’t aware of public pools, pool parties, or I simply didn’t have time when I did find out last minute. 🤷🏻‍♀️

For my first ~pool party~ in Shanghai, it wasn’t too shabby. SHFT. threw this one. As soon as my friend and I rolled up to the place in our taxi, I could tell this was going to be an interesting evening.

The day was hot and tolerably humid, beautiful nonetheless. We were all the way out of downtown, at the end of Line 7. A caravan of taxis and DiDi’s were entering and circling the fountain at the entrance of the Shoushan Wealth Club and as soon as one enters you’re greeted by very friendly staff the show you the way to the entrance of the pool party.

The place is swanky but not overwhelmingly posh. It’s very clean and very well-maintained as well — overall a great place to host such an event during the summer.

As soon as we entered the music was on, DJ on deck, drink and shisha booths in the right places as well as food. Beautiful people in their best bikinis and chubbies posing on those infamous floaties or engaging in a water-gun fight. It kind of felt like entering the set of a rapper’s music video, sans-drugs of course. I definitely thought, 'Are we on the set for (Insert Rapper’s Name)?’

It was pretty epic.

The pool was clean, the whole place felt safe, alcoholic beverages were made from scratch in front of you and in nice plastic cups to avoid glass bottle incidents. The vibe built up throughout the day and when the day finally came to a close, people went were the party took’em.

After that, you bet I was ready for the next pool gathering - watching the sunset reflect on the water was the closest I got to Southern California!

photo from official SHFT. account

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“Sea of Flags”

July 26 & 27 - MODU 2.0 @ First X

This past July 26 & 27 247tickets threw their second 247live event, Modu 2.0.This time it was a 2-night fest instead of a one whole-day event and it was still epic! Lots of people from Modu 1.0 came through because they already knew what was going to be up — they made the right choice.

Located in the very spacious First X nightclub, the energy was right and the organization was there. You could conveniently put your belongings away not too far from the actually music/dance hall, LOTS of portable chargers, the merchandise table was in full stock and the bar was quick and efficient. And of course, the sound system was crazy!

To be honest I spent most of my time backstage in the green rooms doing interviews with the headliners Jonas Blue and Dyro. That was lots of fun for sure. It was really cool to have the chance to meet these guys and hang out for a bit pre-interview just to get warmed up.

Both guys are super chill and simple. They know who they are of course but they’re not pretentious or make you feel a way when you talk to them.

I asked about when their passion for music began, what their favorite part of the process was, what it’s like to live the life of a DJ always on the go, and what the love the most of performing live. Both Jonas Blue and Dyro had similar responses but their process is a little different.

Out there when I saw them perform, there was a sea of flags and screams of support. It was cool to see them on the turntables feeling out the people’s vibe.

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to be continued...