“Same pool, different people”

July 27 - Splash Pool Party @ Shoushan Wealth Club

Yup, I went to another pool party a week after my first one *shrug emoji* and I was not disappointed!

This one was held by Nova and it had a real summer feel as soon as you entered. The music was a little different but in a good way. More floaties, more drinks, more fun - it was at the same pool, different people.

It was a beautiful day in that part of town as well which was a relief. Earlier that day right before heading out to the Shoushan Wealth Club, my friends and I got stuck in a shop in the middle of what looked like an apocalyptic rain storm. But all was well in the end and we made it.

There was frisbee, which is a personal fave as well as cooler floaties —who doesn’t want to be the pearl in the clam shaped floaty? They held dance contests for a trip to Bali (which is freakin dope) and later on in the day they had pool-side yoga… Not going to lie, that was a little weird for a pool party but nonetheless the zen vibes were appreciated.

The vibes were different than the first pool party I went to but in a way were it felt like you kinda went to school with these people, if that makes sense. Not because you knew them all — I did run into familiar faces but it was nice —but because it didn’t feel like people were too cool for school and everyone was there to have a good time and enjoy the sun without doing too much.

Like I’ve said… catch me at the next pool party, I’m here for it.

Photo from event page

“It’s ok to be a Bad Girlfriend… sometimes”

July 30 - Anne Marie @ VAS Livehouse

For being a last-minute show I attended to, I’m very glad I actually went. I feared that because I only knew a couple of songs, I’d feel a little lost throughout the performance but alas — I was wrong.

Anne Marie is this super lax girl from the UK who as soon as she came up on stage was received with love from her fans.

The VAS Livehouse was PACKED. When I say packed, I mean that you couldn’t feel the AC in there — it was SO HOT in there from all the bodies and lovely souls, I felt kind of okay that Anne Marie admitted she was also sweating bullets after every song.

Except I didn’t have a towel to pat dry but there I was - doing it for the culture *shrug emoji

Surprisingly I recognized most of the songs and even the ones I didn’t know made me think, “Why haven’t I spent more time streaming her??” Of course everyone knows “Alarm” and “FRIENDS” but then you realize you’ve heard her other songs from movies like “Rewrite The Stars” from the Greatest Showman. Honestly, she sounds exactly the same as the studio version, live. Her voice is like velvet but with an edge of female empowerment and rebellion.

She even made it acceptable to think that hey, it’s ok to be a “Bad Girlfriend”… sometimes.

I’d recommend you see her live if you have a chance - she’s fun, real, and has genuine talent.