It was International Tequila Day on July 24th...

but because it was on a Wednesday aka a week day, I wasn’t going to celebrate that day or anytime before or after… However, I was very excited to learn all about the water of our people — I’m from Mexico 💃🏻

I had the great opportunity to interview Alba, a fellow member of the Tequila Regulatory Council. That’s right the official and designated organization that protects ~tequila~ Yup, tequila has it’s own backup squad that makes sure it’s produced and distributed properly throughout the world!

Alba, herself, is in charge of making sure that the real deal is being sold in legit bars and restaurants, that drinks being sold in stores claiming to have tequila actually have tequila in them, to ensure safety and responsible consumption — in Asia & Oceania.

But that’s just one part of her job. Yes, she has to report to government officials and maintain healthy relationships with important people throughout the region she is responsible for but it’s not this technical ALL the time.

In addition, she hosts tequila tastings and teaches people all about tequila. From how to properly distinguish the different types and categories, to how to taste and what to look out for, to the perfect meal pairings. Which is amazing because I definitely learned that I should be savoring my first shot of the night when I’m out and about - tequila deserves that 🤷🏻‍♀️

We tasted 3 different types of tequila as you will see in the video. I learned how to properly swirl the tall glass, intake the aromas and truly savor what each tequila had to offer. You’d be surprised that when one takes their time to really get to know the spirit, you will find that there’s more to it then just getting drunk and having a wild night.

Of course it’s fun to get loose and party but if each of us actually made the effort to purchase a good quality bottle of tequila or spirit of preference — once in a while of course, I don’t want you to be broke from buying limited edition bottles every 2 weeks — I guarantee you’ll enjoy the experience more.

Check out our interview for all the deets! Part 1 is equally as good as Part 2 (;

p.s. Alba spills the tea on how to distinguish fake from real alcohol