Is it easy to find love in Shanghai?
thinks in Spanish

Well… I think that this is a difficult yet fun question to answer. On the one hand, I think it is difficult to answer because it will always depend on who you ask, your experience, what your marital status is, etc. However, on the other hand I think it's funny to answer this because everything depends on the kind of love one is looking for 😉

After almost two years of living in the city and thinking about all that I’ve gone through, I can say that I have experienced what it’s like to have a boyfriend and what it’s like to be single and proud! As we say in Spain.

My first year here was all about stepping out to the city and quickly finding love. As time went on, the objective changed completely because I became available again in the single’s market. By now, a lot is different but still great. At first, I thought, ‘it shouldn’t be so hard to be back in the market’ — if one is clear about what she wants or does not want.

This is what I mean when I say, know what kind of love you are looking for...

Regarding Shanghai in relation to the bachelor market, we could say that the city becomes like a jungle full of hunters anxious to find their next prey. And the fact that Shanghai is a city of passage for many, makes it much more complicated to find love, and therefore it is easier to end up being one more prey…or if you’re the hunter that’s cool too!

Nonetheless, it should be noted that the situation for expat heterosexual men is not the same as for expat women in Shanghai. Starting from a totally subjective approach, let's say that men can choose to be with expat women and Asian women. This will always depend on the tastes of each one, but if you’re not picky then you have more to choose from.

While for most heterosexual women whose tastes are not necessarily towards Asian men, let's say that our range is reduced by a lot! More than we would like... Therefore, this reality shows us that the chances of meeting a “d*ckhead” are very high, because all those hunters who pass through the city are not usually clear about what they really want, they do not express it or simply the value of people's feelings becomes zero — unfortunately.

So, going back to the question posed above, I think I could answer this question in the following way: It’s very easy to find “d*ckheads" in the city, so that means that it’s important to cover your back. Although it’s not easy to find love because it may depend on many factors we can’t control sometimes, we can’t lose faith because it’s not impossible, even if it may seem like it is at times...

Jia you! aka good luck😎

Written by: Carolina López Navarro

Edited by: Karla Ramirez