It was a rainy gloomy gray Saturday on June 29...

The entire day was set out to be wet and humid - the type of weather that makes you want to stay home, Netflix & chill, order all day, and pray your laundry somehow dries…

Except I’m not that type of person and bass-heads/ravers aren’t that type of people either 🤷🏻‍♀️

At around 3pm the VAS Livehouse was starting to flood with people as the beat bounced off the walls inside the main room. People dripping swagoo of all kinds were making line, registering, getting their cashless wristbands, topping up for the day, and 2-stepping as they entered the source of bass.

the lovely match-makers & tequila shot providers

There was a total of 9 DJs who were going to throw down from the afternoon all the way through 11pm - so you still had time to head to the club to meet up with friends that perhaps aren’t into hard EDM (which is fine…but you’re kinda missing out). It all began with Cuer.J and WIADD. From 3:30 through 4:30 these guys were dropping the right beats, despite it still being day light!

check out those shades, Kanye who?

Lights, sound, and vibe were all on point and it was just the beginning of the fest! After them XERLS and 2R followed. XERLS is this dude that comes on stage with the craziest of energies - he truly truly enjoys connecting with the crowd and raging. He got everyone going and his mixes were definitely up to par. 2R toned it down with some House and Trap beats, so it was nice to take a break from Dubstep and Heavy Bass Trap for a set. Necks had to rest and be ready to make it through until the end!


Freeza followed and he was definitely different - a good different nonetheless. He’s this mysterious-looking guy with dreads, black tee, and a Dragon Ball Z tattoo. He just came on chill af ready to drop some dark yet entrancing beats - the lighting and visuals mainly consisted of black and red with some heart beat-like effects that had the crowd questioning what life was. His beats were the likes of $uicide Boy$, Ghostemane, and Xavier Wulf so you can only imagine those beats were heavy but lit.

there are 2 types of people in this world 

Post-deep dark beats, 2R came through with lighter yet dope vibes. Deep House, Trap House, Trap Step, Bass - you got it! Not only does the crowd love him for his electric mixes but he was also one of the main organizers for the AVICII Family tribute event back in April AND this MODU ORPHAN Festival. I mean badass all around right?

He had everyone carpe diem'ing those beats!

After 2R, the only female/bad bih in the line-up, ASUKA... to be continued...