The only female/bad bih in the line-up, ASUKA...

came on stage at 7pm. Still really early in the night but she came to slay everyone. One could feel how laidback yet how hardcore she was from behind the turntables. She had some of the dopest drops and mixes to songs you thought had been sampled or remixed enough. The neon purple and blue visuals just locked in the whole vibe as well as the laser-like lights that highlighted the head-banging crowd. I’d def see her again — front and center no doubt.

That's her in the flesh!

Shanghai-born, Toronto-based WARZ was the precursor to the main headliners and the choice to put him there wasn’t a mistake. He is LIT. Those drops were something else and he had the fans going crazy from the start to the end. He truly vibed with the people and it was also really cool of him to celebrate his birthday with us, I mean what would be better right?

Happy Birthday WARZ!

Then the time finally came, it was 9pm and we were all ready for Skellism - the recent kings of hardstyle and moshing. We spent the entire day bouncing, jumping, and head-banging but nothing compared to what Skellism had in store for us. To give you some insight, I had never in my life partaken in a mosh pit… but after “In the Pit” dropped and Lil John motivated me (as he does), I did it 😤... and it was fun af

You can also check out our exclusive interview with Skellism here!

Skellism hyping everyone up

After putting in work with Skellism’s cardio-packed beats, Moksi came through to simmer down the fans. Their fun House mixes were groovy yet still on a hard wave where one could head-bang or bounce around. They were pouring straight Grey Goose to fans, prancing about on stage just having a great time in their iconic bucket hats and track suits...I mean how can I be your friend??

Who can say a Tomorrowland headliner poured vodka just for them during the show?? This girl👆🏼

The night came to a close and people weren’t too keen on it ending but overall it was an amazing time and you could tell people would definitely do it again.

If you missed MODU ORPHAN 1.0, don’t worry because ORPHAN X 2.0 is practically around the corner and this time it’ll be at a bigger venue, with bigger DJs this July 26th & 27th - prepare!

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