There's a lot of things that can be said about the city we all know and love.

It's full of life, full of food and full of malls.

But there's one thing about this city that we think is a lil under-appreciated.

Those wtf Shanghai moments.

Whether you've lived in Shanghai for 4 months or 4 years; whether you take the subway or ride a bike; whether you live in Jing'An or out in Pudong - we've all spotted a hilarious t-shirt or two...

And one absolute master of capturing these senseless t-shirt sightings is Alex Greenberg, the man behind the Shanghaiobserved account. So we've worked with him to give you guys our top 10 Shanghai Senseless T-shirt Sightings!

You're welcome..

Number 10:

‘She’ll grow into it,’ they said…

Number 9:

The baijiu got you feeling like…

Number 8:

TFW you've had too many tequila shots...‌‌

Number 7:

Don't lie, at least 3 people came to your mind...

Number 6:

If this isn’t your go-to Tinder bio…we don’t know what is‌‌

Number 5:

We felt that.

Number 4:


Number 3:

it's all down hill from here, lil dude...

Number 2:

When living abroad tests you on a daily basis…#triggered

And finally, in 1st place is this absolute gem...

Number 1:

When hot water doesn’t suffice…


With the purpose of "Observing Shanghai and Beyond", Alex has grown his brand across multiple different platforms, and they've even started to sell their own t-shirts, inspired by these wtf moments.

Check out his Instagram account @shanghaiobserved for more hilarious footage observing Shanghai!

Or check out his website: that being said, if you're looking to explore right into the backstreets and Hutongs of the city, where people watching is at its prime... here are a few of our best tours that might tickle your fancy!

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And just as an extra lil feature...

The irony…
They told her, ‘Walk in my shoes and you’ll see how it feels’