I have to admit...

Since I arrived in Shanghai, I have felt and feel the crazy need to find clubs or festivals where I can listen to good techno. It’s not surprising to feel that desire or need when one comes from Barcelona - a city with history, architecture, sun, beach, a lot of diversity, amazing gastronomy and parties, lots of parties.

Last year, my friend Anabel and I were definitely among the people!

When I arrived to Shanghai, I thought that I could also find a lot of techno parties like in my country - wishful thinking led me to believed that, although you are on the other side of the world and the city is very modern, you can find. But….it wasn’t that way.

To my dismay, my first year of survival in the city consisted of feeling like I could only find Chinese electronic music nightclubs where nobody knows the DJ. Meanwhile, local people dance to EDM beats with sunglasses on and drinking champagne at their private tables. You as an attraction for the club because of your status as a foreigner, of course - you end up drunk as f*ck due to the free alcohol that they offer. You may end up having a conversation with the Ayi in Chinese - as it has already happened to me... and the next day with a huge hangover, I promise myself that next time I’ll go to a good techno party.

In that precise moment…

Me, in white, in shock that I had finally found a quality event!

End of pt.1