In that precise moment...

I realized how much I missed the party scene in Barcelona. I miss spending summer Sundays with my partner in crime, going to the Brunch in the Park Festival, continuing the afterparty at Sala Apolo. Or going to the electronic music festival DGTL and getting lost in the music, the art installations and lighting effects that decorate the Parc del Fórum. Or throughout the year going to clubs like Razzmatazz and the Moog where the beats don’t disappoint anyone. Those were amazing techno parties, however, if you look hard enough, you shall find.

Here is Magdalena, on fire -she lit the table up!

Unfortunately, the situation in Shanghai is different or at least from my point of view, nonetheless, worthy techno parties are out there. On the other hand, I have to admit that when freelancelovers and Celia Club organize a techno party, they know how to. I am saying this because every time that I’ve been to The Cut or Celia Club, somehow the music and the environment has teleported me to the parties in Barcelona.

Recently, on May 11th to be exact, I went to a party organized by freelancelovers and Celia Club where famous DJ’s like Magdalena and Jon Dasilva played. The party took place at the Sky Garden, a huge rooftop with incredible views - possibly the best of the Bund. In general, the environment was super hyped. I saw people I knew that I didn’t expect to run into, and I also met amazing people who made that night even more special. My friends and I could not have beeen happier to have attended this party - as we are always eager to find out what upcoming techno party is going to hit the city!

Though you can take in a lot of the cityscape views from Bar Rouge, at this place they're a level up!

If you know about techno parties/events in the city, don’t hesitate to share it!

Written by: Carolina López Navarro

Edited by: Karla Ramirez