"Pijou, Food Stands, and Dirt"

May 11 - Beernanza @ Okura Garden Hotel

It was a beautiful day, the sun was hitting hard, the breeze cruised through the buildings and past the trees. Lots of feet shuffled through the loose dirt as bodies tried to make it past each other and on to the next beer seller. That was the scene at the 6th Beernanza Fest earlier this May.

3 days of hoppy times, great mixes, bomb finger food, and beautiful people grooving to diverse beats.

Though the line to enter the event was practically the length of the Great Wall, attendees endured the heat and remained calm until they entered for well-deserved refreshments. It was worth it for sure.

Jose Cuervo had the smoothest margaritas, Jim Beam had tangy refreshing mixes, Goose Island had the funky beats and DODU had (as usual) the nicest rotisserie chicken & potatoes one could wish for.

Not gonna lie, I was trying everything and anything but of course pacing myself! Proud to say my day was successful both in drinks and food tasting, after all who doesn’t love feeling like a professional industry connoisseur?

If you couldn’t make it this year there’s always the next. So make sure not to miss the pijou, food stands, and dirt!

Good. Vibes. Only.

"Surfing Bliss"

May 15 - Jason Mraz @ Mercedes Benz Arena

To be completely honest, the concerts I have recently been to are far from chill and mellow. Don’t picture a girl in a mosh pit either but I do have to say Jason Mraz had us on Cloud 9.

Because “Late” is my middle name, I arrived around 20min past 8 and if I haven’t learned anything from my previous experience (KK March blog for reference), is that shows in China start. on. time. period.

Thankfully we were in our seats right when he started to scat into ‘I’m Yours’.

The following hour at the Mercedes Benz Arena was like surfing bliss. The name of his tour, ‘Good Vibes’ was more than fitting. He was wearing a black jumpsuit with colorful feather print. The rest of his band were also wearing jumpsuits but solid colors, no print. At the end of it all, it was like the rainbow took a bow - it was simple yet beautiful.

Though the Mercedes Benz Area wasn’t 100% sold out (people missed out…), the vibe in there was surreal. With the lights from their phones, the audience created a bright sea of stars in such a big space. Everyone was singing and swaying.

For someone who only knew 3 songs, I’d def see him again and this time, prep for more singing.

Just look at that sea of light!

"Swaggy Female Empowerment"

May 17 - Daya @ VAS Livehouse

As I listened to “Don’t Let Me Down” by the Chainsmokers, I always wished I could see the vocalist live because she hits those notes with so many feels that I felt I HAD to witness it for myself.

So, I did.

Daya had that iconic pop star energy, effortless swag, and her entire female band was just so badass. She was working the crowd like nobody’s business. Boys and girls alike were melting for her! They were belting her hits, dancing with her, and every time she got close to the crowd to greet them I’m sure hearts raced like crazy.

Her presence really embodied swaggy female empowerment and it was refreshing to see. Young girls were there as well and it was nice to see that they had a decent role model to look up to amidst the hectic celebrity world Generation X is growing up with. Not saying Millennial celebrity youth was the best but times are for sure changing!

If she comes back in the near future or you’re somewhere where she’ll perform, she’s a must to check out!!

Who pulls off camo pants and crop top with a metallic bedazzled waist vest & futuristic shades?? Daya, that's who!