May 9 - RL Grime @ TAXX

He’s headlined some of the world’s most sought out music festivals. From Ultra to EDC to Tomorrowland, RL Grime live makes you feel exactly what you feel when his music blasts through your headphones but to the power of 10.

His first official album was “VOID” back in 2014. Since, he’s mixed and collaborated with industry greats and just last year he blessed us fans with “NOVA”. In my humble opinion, he was never a DJ who needed extreme tweaking or improvement because all his songs are so different yet so him and so good. Over the course of his productions one can notice the pattern of intense yet subtle build-ups, that lead to dark drops that yet reach an emotional peak. This auditory process can be intense but in a good way - it’s like a release you didn’t know you needed.

As I waited in the front amongst hella people at TAXX on a Thursday night, my heart beat faster and faster as the minutes went by. And suddenly, there he was. I was so close to him - back in the States this would have never in a million years been possible…unless I literally parted through the sea of people for 20 minutes to only fail-attempt my way to the tightly held front.

If you’ve been to big music festivals, you know people hold down the fort for no one but themselves and their friends, Jia You getting to the very front! I was thankful TAXX has a more personal feel to its dance floor.

He played for about 2 hours and it was amazing. Though it felt short-lived, I can tell you people that didn’t even know of him before were definitely fans after. The vibe was insane. The visuals were a colorful trip. The crowd was entranced. RL Grime was so in it and so involved with the crowd — the connection felt genuine.

It was a night of eargasms and I cannot wait to witness him again - in a bigger stage that is.

The visuals were like a volcano of colors!

"'Oh No...' (Scottish Accent)"

May 10 - Phill Jupitus @ Cages

Phill Jupitus is an English comedian best known for hosting 'Nevermind the Buzzcocks' & being on 'QI'.

I wasn't too familiar with who he was, what kind of humor he was into, or if I would even be able to relate to the jokes since I'm not from the UK myself. However, I was pleasantly surprised and laughed A LOT!

It was my second time at Cages (you're probably gasping right now, like 'how??') and the Shanghai Comedy Bunker area was intimate, personal, yet spacious. There were a decent amount of seats, a not-pretentious VIP area, and a classy dim-lit bar on the side. I liked that a lot.

The openers were pretty funny but not as a hilarious as the man himself of course.

As Mr. Jupitus said from the start, he had 2 long stories to tell. The first was about how he became a Doctor... received his Doctorate at Cambridge - which after listening to the process, I don't know how in the end he pulled it off (LOL).

The second story was about his relocation from England to Scotland. The differences in accent wasn't the only thing that was different. He has a neighbor that literally replies and reacts to everything with 'Oh no...', the seals by the sea keep him up at night, and the puffins wail despite their cuteness.

After these 2 long tummy-hurting stories, I realized I understood 90% of the jokes and that the cultural gap wasn't that crazy. When we got to meet him he was super nice and personable. I would definitely see him again!

Someone in VIP was reading a book throughout comedian transitions, and Phill called him out...then signed it after haha

"Auditory Theme Park"

May 10 - Mark Redito @ LOFAS

Mark Redito is one of those hidden gems in the electronic scene that’d you def be into after listening to a couple songs. His work is colorful, groovy, and simply put: fun.

When we arrived to LOFAS, the people were spread out and jamming. Huge pastel-colored balloons were bouncing around, Mark was breaking it down on stage as he playfully kicked more balloons into the crowd, and the screen overflowed with vibrant hues.

He was having the time of his life and only wanted the crowd to feel the same — we did. It was a very light-hearted and fun concert. He definitely deserves a bigger following, lots of potential for sure!

He was feeling his music so hard it was great!