Now you may be thinking, what does IPWS stand for and what do they do?

International Professional Women's Society is a vibrant international community of professional women (and, as of 2016, men supporting women) that started out in Shanghai 25 years ago and has been flourishing ever since. They hold a TON of events every year from panel discussions to thought activators to networking events.

And tbh, it really seems like our kind of thing, providing a platform for women to help build each other up! We love it - so we wanted to share it with you guys and make sure you knew about their upcoming IPWS Leadership Summit 2019 on May 31st and why you do. not. want. to. miss. it.

Here's Ana Terra probably discussing badass-woman things per usual

1. Empower Women

IPWS is all about fostering our personal and professional growth. So this Leadership Summit is designed to help women empower each other so that we can empower ourselves. This is no longer a man's world people!

This year's theme is "Courage in Leadership"

The Leadership Summit aspires to guide women away from doubting our abilities to lead and towards drawing courage from other like-minded women to help exercise our power and confidence to overcome this invisible barrier that so often limit's our potential.

2. Enhance Your Leadership Development

The Leadership Summit is hosting a ton of interactive and innovative workshops, engaging talks and insightful discussions to get your mind thinking and help develop those leadership skills we all have deep down!

3. Build Your Network

We all know the phrase, "behind every successful man is a strong woman" . But, it's 2019 people! So here's an alternative for ya:

Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women.

This Leadership Summit is the perfect opportunity to connect with hundreds of other professional women, leaders, influencers, and communities. Ripe and ready for you to get your network on!

It's not all business though, there'll be a fabulous afterparty for all attendees at the end of the day!

4. Celebrate Like-Minded Women

"What motivates me is to know that we are not alone to in our desire to see women live to their full potential." - Sylvia Nalubega

Successful women from around the world and here in Shanghai have been nominated by other members of the IPWS community. During the Summit there will be a Leadership Awards Ceremony to celebrate all finalist and winners!!

5. The Stunning Venue

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