Strictly for food lovers!

Good evening you gorgeous food lovers :)

When was the last time you had an INCREDIBLE meal?

I'm not talkin your regular "Oh that was good"

I'm talkin:"My. Life. Is. Forever. Changed."

Oh baby do we have what you've been missing! I've put together a menu of all our most delicious options - I got hungry just looking at all the food we're offering ya.

Here, take a look for yourself!

Boston Lobster Dinner Buffet

They say to never settle on something you don’t like. Here, you won’t even have the option to. With 125 menu options (I counted them just for you 😊) the Kunlun's Dinner buffet boasts everything from a live Boston Lobster dinner station to a fresh sushi station to a beech oven pizza station. Ad it's all set in the beautiful glasshouse design of Atrium Cafe overlooking the heart of the city - it's the perfect setting to enjoy a sunny Sunday with friends and family!

Suggested pairing: Chenin Blanc - flavor and residual sugar sweetness pairs fantastically with lobster. Be wary, Sauvignon Blanc/Chardonnays have too much acidity.

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The Kunlun Jing An

April 12 - Aug 24

From ¥148 (Child) ¥238 (Adult)

Sushi Dinner Deal At Yu Shou

一分钱一分货. What you pay for is what you receive. At Yu Shou the chef presents his masterclass knowledge of the sophisticated nature of modern sushi by showing the utmost care, curation, and creativity to capture the true meaning behind that old adage. With only 20 seats available for booking, we are here to extend an exclusive invitation to experience with all your senses, the culinary art of sushi.

Suggested pairing: Koshu wine – light crisp citrus flavors accentuate the natural flavors of the fish.

Yu Shou

April 10 - July 8

From ¥1198

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Italian Style Dinner Deal At IL BAMBINO

Enjoy the finest Italian dining experience with your nearest and dearest while saving yourself that trip halfway around the world! Take your taste buds on a Tuscan journey with Bambino's lush set menus, brimming full of dishes like thier famed rustic Tagliatelle Nero, or their classic Calamari Friti, all paired with a distinguished Italian or New World wine. In these luxurious, yet intimate confines, have an extraordinary Tuscan Trattoria experience at IL BAMBINO - che buono!

Suggested Pairing: They will probably know best. They’re Italian 😉

IL Bambino

April 10 - Aug 8

From ¥558

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The Westin Prego Set Lunch/Dinner Exclusive Deal

The Westin is well established as the premier brunch and tea spot, and here's a brand new exclusive: the Westin Prego restaurant set lunch + dinner! Already earmarked by the Michelin Guide as one of the best restaurants in Shanghai, this Italian restaurant is simply buonissimo. As ever, you can only book this through 247tickets so treat yourself to a money-saving mouth-watering meal! Ciao!

Suggested Pairing: Chianti or Barbera for the acidic red sauced dishes. A Pinot Grigio or Cabernet Sauvignon for the Tilapia.

The Westin Bund Center

April 10 - Nov 16

From ¥198

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Gorgeous Sunday Brunch At Waldorf Astoria

The luxurious Waldorf Astoria is giving us a special deal on their incredible Sunday Brunch. They provide hundreds of options ranging from live shucked oyster, mussels, 4 choices of crab, braised Australian Wagyu short ribs (I’m drooling just thinking about it), Crepe Suzette Flambe, and wine/champagne, etc.. There’s just so much to offer at this buffet that it’s difficult to pass up. They have something for everyone so invite your family and friends and save 15% off using our name!

Suggested Pairing: fresh wines or sparkling wines not to overpower the subtle oyster/crab flavors and even ribs! The bubbles really act as a refreshing palate cleanser.

Grand Brasserie, Waldorf Astoria Shanghai

April 14 - Dec 29

From ¥238 (Child) ¥488 (Adult)

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Semi-Buffet Set Lunch At Cucina On 56

Located on the 56th floor of Grand Hyatt Shanghai, Cucina On 56 promotes classic Italian cuisine in a rustic, Tuscan-inspired atmosphere., with sweeping views of both Lujiazui and the Bund. Their brand new business set lunch is a five course feast of delectable Italian dishes, yet it won't break the bank, so it's perfect for both business and pleasure!

Suggested Pairing: Pinot Gris for the creamy pesto sauced dishes, Zinfandel’s tartness accentuates the tang in tomato sauce dishes.

Grand Hyatt Shanghai

April 11 - Dec 31

From ¥238

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The Grill On 56 3-Course Business Set Lunch

The Grill, located on the 56th floor of the Jin Mao Tower, offers diners succulent prime cuts of beef and premium jet-fresh seafood in this all-new weekday 3-course lunch. This feast is complemented by stunning views of The Pearl Tower and Lujiazui and, with its deft price, it's perfect for any occasion!

Suggested Pairing: For grilled chicken a chardonnay or any other full-bodied white wine can bring out the texture and fire created from the grill. Shiraz, Chianti, Cabernet Sauvignon all pair well with the fatty content of lamb.

Grand Hyatt Shanghai

April 11 - Dec 31

From ¥228

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Lunch Set At Da Ivo

Riverside view? Exquisite Italian food? And affordable? Check, check, and check out the new Da Ivo Lunch Set. Their four-course meal, which includes an option of wagyu beef or halibut as your entrée, is simply sumptuous.  And with no service charge when you book through 247, there's another great reason not to miss out on this deal par excellence!

Suggested Pairing: The classic red Cabernet Sauvignon highlights the rich flavors of lamb shank with every bite. The Chablis wine bring citrus notes and hints of vanilla to add a touch more complexity to the texture and often herbal nature of the fish.

Da Ivo

April 11 - May 24

From ¥268

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KEE Club's Weekend Brunch

Weekends are for friends and family and where better than the luxurious, chill KEE Club? Head down for a free flowing, lazy, and cozy morning. Choose from a stunning selection of western brunch dishes created by the KEE Club’s Chef Ken, and kick back! Perfect for friends catching up, as well as couples getting cozy...

Suggested Pairing: It’s brunch, Chardonnay, Muscat, Riesling all pair well with the fresh options served at KEE Club.

KEE Club

April 13 - Nov 3

From ¥258 (Child) ¥488 (Adult)

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Delightful Afternoon Tea At Momenti

What better way to enjoy an afternoon in the cold than with a scrumptious afternoon tea set? MOMENTI offers you the opportunity to discover the taste of Italian coffee bar culture - invite your friends and loved ones for a delightful afternoon tea for two!

Suggested Pairing: Tea or Coffee 😊


April 11 - Dec 31

From ¥268 (for 2+ drinks)

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Red Velvet Afternoon Tea

Located on Peacock Alley within the elegant Waldorf Astoria hotel, a wonderful plethora of European treats await to excite your taste buds. From fluffy Italian tiramisuto savory smoked salmon tartar, the Waldorf presents their classic Red Velvet Afternoon Tea to satisfy all your Saturday brunch desires. Claim your exclusive 15% off now for a 1 time only luxurious experience.

Suggested Pairing: Tea or Coffee 😊

Waldorf Astoria Shanghai

April 11 - Aug 23

From ¥588 (for 2)

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6th Edition Of Beernanza Beer Festival

ITS BEERNANZA!! A 3 day extravaganza dedicated to all things beer! Shanghai is holding its 6th edition of its biggest beer festival with over 150 different craft and premium beers floating along for the ride. Beers from all over the world will be showcased and drunk among thousands of beer enthusiasts!What’s better than cracking a cold one with the boys? Cracking a cold one with the girls too! And listening to live music and dancing all night! If you think you’re a seasoned drinker, there’s even a BEER OLYMPICS so you can take drinking contests to a whole new level! Make sure to stay hydrated (Pocari Sweat is a favorite here at 247) and eat lots of carbs/sodium rich foods to avoid the dreaded morning after we all know too well.

Don’t miss out on a BEERtastic weekend adventure!  Get your tickets now!

Suggested Pairing: need I even say it? Go crazy!!

Okura Garden Hotel Shanghai

May 10 - May 12

From ¥70 (Includes 2 beers!)

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Think you're ready to treat yourself to a fabulous evening?