You don’t have to be a Shanghai ren to know that Shanghai brings aesthetic by the truck load. The sky-scrapers. The lights. The tree-lined streets. And that BAYOO-tiful Shanghai Skyline.

You can pretty much take a picture of the Bund from any angle, and you’re guaranteed to have an insta worthy photo on your hands.

Photo Credit to @casonharley 

At 247, we’ve recently been focusing to build up our Instagram community (if you’re interested in keeping up to date with everything Shanghai go follow our account @247ticketschina) – but it means… we’ve learnt A LOT about Instagram users in this city.

We’ve seen accounts about food, travel, music, even about the tattoos people get here in Shanghai. We know what works, what doesn’t, good photos vs terrible ones.

And let’s just say, it’s time to start thinking outside of the box. Because there’s about a gazillion shots of that Shanghai skyline knocking about on the internet and we know not everyone can afford a drone to get one of those super cool shots above the clouds.

1.    It’s all about the contrasts

What’s so amazing about Shanghai in the first place?

It’s a pretty unique blend of the modern and the traditional. Right? So take a photo of that!

A personal fave of mine is the sunrise over the Huangpu River skyline where the old Chinese men practice their morning Tai Chi.

Chinese people love love love to take photos. So every exhibition, art show, museum, or even pop up store is going to be pretty insta ready by design right?

So we’ve gathered a select few that’ll make for some pretty legit Insta ops.

2.    Yakoi Kusama: All About Love Speaks Forever


“I want to keep on creating the world of deep love towards life by embracing the messages of love and peace and the universe that floods from my mind and heart.” – Yayoi Kusama

This Polka Dot Queen has been blowing our minds with her enchanting art for well over half a century. Yayoi Kusama’s now custom made this incredible exhibition for us to feast our eyes (and iphones) on!!

Click through to learn more about this mesmerising exhibition, and get catch the early bird tickets!

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4.    Rain Room  

Immerse yourself in a surreal environment and unique relationship with water; Rain Room is a large-scale environment of perpetually falling water. But don't worry about getting your phones wet folks, because the water ceases to pour wherever a person walks - just don't wear black 👀

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4.     Katharina Grosse: Mumbling Mud


Using the spray gun as her primary painting tool, Katharina Grosse has applied variegated swaths of paint across the walls of exhibition spaces, her own bed, an entire house and its surroundings. With color, she offers models for imagining reality in ways previously ignored by semiotic conventions, hierarchies and social rules.


You really shouldn't be missing out on one of the most original - and photogenic ;) - exhibitions to ever come through Shanghai! Click through to check out the couples deal we have going on rn!

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5.    Alice into the Rabbit Hole


Explore the mysterious and beautiful Wonderland forest and peak through the looking glass to see what's beyond. Based on Lewis Carroll’s literary classic, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, this multi-media exhibition brings interactive experiences to a whole new level! It’s just a bonus that each room is a new Instagram opportunity!


Click through to get a sneak peak of this chic and unique exhibition!

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6.    Shanghai Starry Art Museum

Literally a series of amazing photo ops that will level up your insta game like nothing else with its magical twinkly lights and kissing silhouette screens. The whole place feels magical and other-worldly and will make you forget all of your normal life stress and escape to something totally surreal, weird, and wonderful.

You can just go one evening after work/school – tickets are only 57 RMB!

Click through for the where, when and how!

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Good luck fellow instagrammers!

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