There's no denying it; Shanghai is very skilled when it comes to getting you to spend your hard earned kuai.
I mean...transactions here are ridiculously quick, convenient, and all that jazz, but have you ever gone through your WeChat or Alipay history on a Sunday...?
Being broke sucks and much like a broken Mobike, FOMO is a real pain in the backside.
Call us crazy, but what if it we told you that you can actually have an above-average or... better yet, an awesome time here in Shanghai and still wake up some shekels to spare?

Don't believe it? How about you have a little scroll down and find out exactly how to have a real good time while still saving some duckets.

Here's our big, bad list of 16 things to do for under 200RMB:

For a limited time only, our favorite musical Kinky Boots is on sale for 15% Off from July 11 to July 22 (780rmb to 1080rmb tickets). All the more reason to catch this amazing show!
July 11-29

Shanghai Culture Square
From ¥180

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2. Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast is coming to the Walt Disney Grand Theatre! This Broadway musical is an absolute favourite of audiences of all ages around the globe. Sit back and enjoy this classic tale unfold on the magical stage of Shanghai Disney Resort! Note - the show is in Mandarin.
June 22 - June 30

Walt Disney Grand Theatre
From ¥190

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3. Pants Theatre Production: Sweet Mandarin
Sweet Mandarin is a heart-warming and thought-provoking play that gives you a good look into the brilliant author and restaurateur Helen Tse’s family’s story. Her work will help you better understand Chinese families and the striking differences across three generations, along with the constant pressure to meet expectations.
July 21 – July 26

1862 Theatre
From ¥80

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4. Family Show: My Dinosaur Daddy
If you like interactive holographic projections, black light effects 3D projection, and DINOSAURS, then this one is for you! Little Qiqi has been feeling neglected by his workaholic father, troubled by this he wishes upon a special piece of amber in the hopes that his father will return to him as a t-rex! Note - the show is in Mandarin.
July 20

Lyceum Theatre
From ¥60

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5. Samajam
Forget traditional music lessons, we'd rather bring our kids to this! All children are encouraged to participate in this unique performance, and everyone is given instruments to play during the show! LET'S MAKE SOME NOOOIIIIIISE!
July 20 – August 5

ET Space
From ¥180

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6. KFK Presents: Matt Davis
Other than drinking hot water (apparently), laughter really is the best medecine. Come see a long-time master of the stage and Just for Laughs regular, Matt Davis live. His signature dark-humor has taken him all over the world - and for good reason too.
July 20 – July 21

Kung Fu Komedy

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7. Shanghai Ballet: Inspire

Ballet fans and anyone looking for a new source of inspiration should make sure they attend Shanghai Ballet’s "Inspire". It will feature five independent ballet pieces from three young and rising-star choreographers.

July 20 – July 21

Shanghai International Dance Centre – Grand Theatre
From ¥80

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8. Music in the Summer Air: Closing Concert

All good things must come to an end, but in true MISA fashion, they should end in style. To cap off the 9th Music in the Summer Air Festival, enjoy the stylings of the iconic Québécois piano duo, Hélène Mercier and Louis Lortie. Both have individually racked up countless awards, entertaining audiences across the globe, and together they perform the most beautifully combined music.

July 16

Shanghai Symphony Hall – Concert Hall

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9. Charlie Chaplin: A Vision
“A day without laughter is a day wasted” and entrance to an exhibition without a ticket is impossible. All joking aside, the world would be a much less funny place were it not for the legendary Charlie Chaplin. Take some time to learn about and appreciate the life and work of the king of comedy at this retrospective exhibition.
Now – October 7

Yuz Museum

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10. Berlin Philharmonic String Quintet
The highly acclaimed Berlin Philharmonic String Quintet will be stopping by for an evening of pure musical genius. Unlike most quintets, the Berlin Philharmonic completes their instrumentation with an additional double bass, and with natural German precision. This is a performance you won’t want to miss.
July 27th

Cadillac Shanghai Concert Hall
From ¥180

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11. World of Ghibli
Great news: the first themed-exhibition authorized by Japan’s Studio Ghibli, World of Ghibli is now open! The exhibiton is comprised of two sectors: "the artistic world of Ghibli – in memory of the 30th anniversary of the release of My Neighbor Totoro", and "Castle in the Sky – Ghibli's flying dreams" and here you’ll get to feast your eyes on 285 paintings and manuscripts.
Now – October 7

Shanghai World Financial Center

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12. Salon de Ville at the Waldorf Astoria
Who knew you could watch the World Cup from a classy hotel bar?! So fancy! Salon de Ville at Waldorf Astoria invites you to this unique watch party with free-flow drinks and snacks! This party might be better than the game itself!
June 14 - July 15

Salon de Ville, Waldorf Astoria Shanghai on the Bund
From ¥124

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13. Watch FIFA World Cup at Sasha’s and Zapata’s
YES! Sasha's & Zapata's will be screening every single game leading up to the massive final! This is an awesome viewing experience of the World Cup, with its passionate crowd and top-rated facilities. One VIP ticket gets you the best seat at either the garden tent or second floor of the bar. PLUS, you get a 1L beer because it’s not a watch PARTY without beer, right?
11 Dongping lu

From ¥200 (VIP)

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14. Watch FIFA World Cup at the Pearl
The Pearl knows exactly how to ensure your four years of waiting for the 2018 World Cup were worthwhile. They're offering some killer deals that'll make you forget that your team was eliminated, or get you riled up if they're still in the running!
471 Zhapu Lu

Burger Deal – ¥88
Beer Deal – ¥150
Cocktail Deal – ¥200

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15. Trophée des Champions Shenzhen 2018 - PSG vs. AS Monaco
You've been watching these legends on TV for long enough now, it's time to see your heroes live on the pitch! PSG and AS Monaco are heading to Shenzhen this August and it's there that you'll get catch to Neymar, Mbappé, and some of the world's best players, following one of the best World Cup's to date.
August 4

Shenzhen Universiade Center
From ¥199

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16. MAKE MY DAY China Tour 2019
Maybe you know these guys as their former name ASHLEY SCARED THE SKY? Well, call them what you like, awesome rock band MAKE MY DAY are coming your way! Intense and very danceable, they're teetering on the edge of old school punk rock and hardcore.
July 13

Yuyintang Live House (YYT)

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So there you have it folks!
Happy thriftin'!