Most of us are creatures of habit and we crave the comfort of familiarity.
The problem with living in one of the world's largest cities is just how fast things change and the constant need to adapt in order to keep up with the pace.
Just when you think you've got it all figured out from go-to restaurants, shortcuts, sites, and so forth, then boom: change.
Change, however, dear friends can be very good because without it things would be pretty doggone boring. So, to illustrate this point here're 10 things you didn't know you could do in Beijing:

Get a Forbidden City Private Tour
Doesn't the name Forbidden City just make you want to explore it and satisfy your curiosity? Along with your extremely-well informed and entertaining tour guide, you'll learn all there is to know about the beast that is the Forbidden. You'll also learn how not to go about killing an Emperor!

Dates: You choose!
Price: ¥330 (Adult) 260 (Child)
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Go on a Great Wall + Summer Palace Private Excursion
Maybe you know of these places, but there's a whole lot that you don't know about them! Hop on one of these tours that'll teach you way more than you ever dreamt of learning, and above all will show you a good time.

Dates: You choose!
Price: ¥1180
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Attend an Old Beijing Dinner
One, if not THE best ways to experience Beijing is by putting heaps of tasty in your face. Get the real deal by heading into a local hutong to enjoying some Beijing delicacies that have been around even longer than your inquisitive next-door neighbours. And if history isn't your thing, the food will do the trick.

Dates: You choose
Price: ¥470 (Adult) ¥235 (Child)
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See The World's Best Live Shows

Watch how the noises that wake you up far too early on a Saturday morning can also be very entertaining and well…musical! STOMP will never get old, but they tickets will also not last forever.

Dates: September 26 - October 5
Location: Beijing Poly Theatre
Price: From ¥285
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St. Petersburg State Children's Ballet: Swan Lake
Classically trained, these children are highly skilled dancers and have been invited to perform across the world in places like Austria, Hungary, England, France, Belgium and many other countries. After their years of training, with the combination of excellent dance skills and one of the most famous ballets, this show is surely one to remember.

Dates: July 20 - 22
Location: Mei Lanfang Theater
Price: From ¥280   
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Teatro di San Carlo Ballet Company: Cinderella
The world's favorite rags to riches fairy-tale (where dreams can come true) is a magical mix of Prokofiev's energetic score, lively choreography, and colorful costumes. Don't miss out on this beautiful ballet that brings one of our favorite stories to the stage of Beijing.

Date: July 6 - 8
Location: National Centre for the Performing Arts Opera House
Price: From ¥260
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Find a Hidden Paradise!
Ah, thought you knew all the best trekking spots eh? This adventure is very much hidden, and paradise may be an understatement. Hike your way up through stunning grasslands, far up into the mountains, and explore a Tibetan village!

Date: July 21 – 28
Price: ¥4999
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See Mike Shinoda
Co-lead vocalist of the platinum and Grammy-winning Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda is coming to China for two shows and lucky you, one’s in Beijing! He'll be here as part of his Post Traumatic Tour, which as he’s described as a journey out of grief and darkness...following the recent passing of Chester Bennington.

Date: August 12
Location: Beijing Exhibition Center
Price: From ¥480
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Complete Your Bucket List!

Haven't sorted out a holiday yet? Or perhaps you've been here long enough that the monotony of having stayed put in the city is weighing on you and it's time to travel? Whatever your reason, this is the ultimate China trip that won't only tick boxes, it'll show you sides of the country that your Lonely Planet book simply cannot.

Dates: Weekly departures!
Price: ¥8999
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Watch the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra Live!
Conducted by the young and incredibly talented Vasily Petrenko, the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra is known all over the world and has inspired countless generations of musicians. Having dazzled audiences all over and collaborated with artists like Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello, they are sure to amaze and entertain.

Dates: August 18 - 19
Price: From ¥240
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Camp on the Great Wall
You knew you could walk straight on the Great Wall and take an unhealthy amount of selfies (are they healthy in the first place?), but did you can and a bunch of cool people can pitch tents and sleep on it? This Mid-Autumn Festival, go and camp out under the stars, have a BBQ and bonfire while enjoying an unforgettable experience with some new friends.

Date: September 22 - 24
Price: ¥1399
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Give an Awesome Gift!
Save the hongbaos for New Year and surprise a friend or loved one, or make peace with a co-worker by giving them the gift of choice! 247tickets now offers giftcards, redeemable on ALL of our events, experiences, trips and tours on the site!

Price: ¥100/¥250/¥500
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That's all from us this week, Beijing!