Up Your Instagram Game #11Experiences

People have done all kinds of crazy things for the 'gram.
Like climb some very tall buildings and hang off the side like it's nbd.
Rob a bank (yeah, that happened).
Or chill next to a tornado.
So yeah. Some pretty intense stuff.
But there are a boat load of less dangerous (and more delicious) things you can do right here in Shanghai that'll 100% up your Instagram game.
So - here are 10 experiences you'll more than "like".

1. Parallel World 2 Exhibition
They've got glitz, glamour, kaleidoscope walls, and giant cat toys for you to pose with. This exhibition is a photo-friends' playground. With bubbles to pop and flowers falling from the ceiling, this interactive art exhibition is one you really can't miss. It might even earn you some followers.

Super Brand Mall
Through August 30
From ¥79
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2. Brunch at Puben by Jeremy Leung
Whether you select one of their many fine wines or go for the tea cocktails (all limitless BTW), between the live performances and the culinary tour of China, you really can't go wrong. Plus you can stroll alongside the Bund after for some extra selfies and to burn off some of those calories.

Puben by Jereme Leung
Ongoing, Every Weekend
From ¥340
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3. The Color Run
Promoting happiness, healthiness, and community - The Color Run is the perfect way to spend a day getting fit and having fun with your friends. While you start out rocking the white, by the time you cross the finish line, you've got a whole lot else to show off. Try to tell us that wouldn't look good on your feed, no?

Sunland Green
September 9
From ¥228
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4. French Concession Bike Tour 
Arguably one of the most photogenic neighbourhoods in our lovely city, there's no better way to see it than by bike. Not to mention getting your fixie in the frame adds a little hip-ness to the *~*aesthetic*~*.

French Concession
Daily Tours
¥700 for 2 People
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5. Shanghai Disney Resort
Nothing says Instagram worthy like Shanghai Disneyland. From their perfectly curated flowers, to the oh so kawaii characters strolling around the park, your camera roll will be full by the time you leave this magic kingdom. Also the castle. And the fireworks. And the Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream bars.

Shanghai Disney Resort
From ¥285
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6. Shanghai Night Eats by Un-Tour
Why'd you even move to Asia if you weren't going to take advantage of all the fabulous late-night snacks? Make your friends back home super jealous with pics of your Sichuan, Xinjiang, and other delicious foods (and booze). There are 15 in total so you're bound to find something to snap.

From ¥250
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7. DIY Floral Candles
So cute and so crafty, this class will teach you how to make the most picturesque floral candles. Not only will you have something fun to take home at the end of the day, but you'll get to use #DIY. Plus you'll get snacks and drinks!

July 3
From ¥350
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8. Random International's "Everything and Nothing"
Rain Room is back, but this exhibition also has a whole host of other fun, interactive installations for you to play with. Whether you're into light painting or mazes of turnstyles, this one's a must if your feed's full of them arty vibes. And also, if you didn't take a photo of it for the 'gram, did it even happen?!

Yuz Museum
Through October 14
From ¥150
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9. Charlie Chaplain Exhibit
While you're at Yuz, here's another exhibition you won't want to miss - all under the same ticket! If you're looking to get a little old school, this exhibition is the poifect way to work that sepia filter. Film legend Charlie Chaplain's legacy and works are on view at the Yuz, so you can show your friends just what a culture vulture you really are.

Yuz Museum
Through October 7
From ¥150
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10. Bike Dinner Tour
Enjoy all of the various types of Chinese food Shanghai has to offer, while biking in between each destination! Your guide selects a few dishes and explains their significance, but as its organized for small groups they're totally customizable to your tastes. Whether you're taking some moonlight bike pics or snapping your favourite food selections, this one's a win-win for all involved.

Former French Concession
From ¥1600 for 1 - 4 People
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11. Dumplings!
A national treasure, this food tour and cooking class is perfect for anyone who loves dumplings (so, like, everyone. Obvs.)  Xiaolongbao, Siu Mai, guotie, and more - this one will have all the friends and fam back home jealous as jiaozi.

Meets at Jiashan Road
Every Tuesday and Saturday
From ¥300
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Get out there.
And get snappin. Let us know how it goes. #247tickets
Up Your Instagram Game #11Experiences
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