SURPRISE: We've Got a Big One For Ya...

It's always exciting when a huge name comes to China, so we're thrilled that Academy award-winning SAM SMITH is headed our way this autumn and tickets are on sale NOW

Cadillac Arena, Beijing
October 25
From ¥480
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Yeah, take a moment to let that digest a little.
Lately China is on an absolute roll; and the names and acts are only getting bigger. With a Beijing show set for October 25th, we've got our eye out for other dates dropping soon.
This guy has been a reckonable force on the charts, consistently dropping legendary tracks since his 2014 debut album "In the Lonely Hour. The Thrill of It All" was also a winner and we can't wait to see him performing livein just a few months!
Shackling us in his embrace with those soothing, powerful vocals, Sam Smith live in concert is not one to miss, and the tickets are gonna be snapped up real quick so BUY YOURS NOW, YA HEAR?!

Cadillac Arena, Beijing
Ocotber 25
From ¥480
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Now, for the next order of business...

Fancy yourself a bit of party animal, do ya? You've crawled through countless pubs, conquered most dance floors, and headed south for your "life changing" full-moon party experience? It's not like anything could top last year's festival season or your roommate's unforgettable (mostly forgotten) birthday bash. about a massive bash on the Great Wall of China?
In case you're not sold just yet, check out our reasons why you need to hit up YinYang Music Festival this year:

It's On The Great Wall
Not a muddy field that requires piling into a Didi and driving somewhere impossible to find. You get to jam out and go wild on one of the world’s most incredible sites. Good luck finding a music festival like this anywhere else.

It's a Giant Sleepover... On The Great Wall
This definitely tops the time you went with that tour group for a quick photo-op then got straight back on the bus. Here you'll get to pitch some tents and camp with a whole lot of other fun people, or go the comfy hotel route. The choice is yours. So there you have it.

Go. See. Dance. Camp. Enjoy!

YinYang Music Festival 2018

June 16 - 18
Huangyaguan Great Wall (Tianjin)
From ¥380
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STOMP Beijing
STOMP transforms the familiar - newspapers, bins, and water tanks – and uses them to create a rhythmic universe exploding with energy, where anything can be birth a beat! It unites dance, comedy, and music in a theatrical whirlwind you'll never forget.

Beijing Poly Theatre
September 26-October 6
From ¥135 Early Bird
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SURPRISE: We've Got a Big One For Ya...
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