14 Unique Trips for Dragon Boat Festival & The Summer!

The days are getting hot.
Really, really hot..
and you know what that means.

It's time to say hello to summer,
and the
Got anything planned?
Well, if you haven't, we've got a few ideas up our sleeves for ya.

1. Discover the Latest Atlantis Resort in Sanya
Ever wanted to go to Sanya? Well, here's a reason you should: it's home to the highly-popular Atlantis, a truly vibrant, ocean-themed destination that every traveler will love. It opened this year, and the brand-new resort's architecture is meant to evoke a contemporary vision of what the mythical city of Atlantis might have looked like. But why should you go there? They have 12 restaurants with world-renowned chefs (including one by Gordon Ramsay, and one underwater!), as well as a vibrant range of bars and lounges. As for water activities? There are extensive slides and rides at Aquaventure Waterpark; fresh and salt-water pools, lagoons, and marine exhibits, including an open air marine habitat and a dolphin interaction and education center. Wow, that's a lot.

And we have a special package for European Passport Holders!

Depart Anytime
From ¥2260 per night
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2. Visit Taiwan's Sun Moon Lake
Offering crystal blue water surrounded by lush forests, bamboo, and mountains on all sides, Sun Moon Lake is Taiwan's most visited attraction. Blessed with more than natural scenery, Sun Moon lake offers a plethora of culturally rich temples, shrines, pagodas, and other monuments which serve only to accentuate the area's natural beauty. Artists and poets have attempted to capture this enchantment for centuries, so why not head on a whirlwind journey through the history, culture, and scenery of this remarkable place?

Express Trip
Anytime (1 Day)
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Express Trip
Anytime (1 Day)
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3. See the Avatar Mountains
If you've watched Avatar, this place might look a little familiar to you. Remember The Hallelujah Mountains? The original, Zhangjiajie's Heavenly Pillar, is a place not to be missed on your tour of China. Located on the north-western border of Hunan Province, Zhangjiajie's National Forest Park is famous for its unusual, but breathtakingly beautiful scenery, which includes more than three thousand unique rock ridges, sandstone quart peaks and eight hundred ghylls.

July 13 - 15, August 24 - 26
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4. Discover a UNESCO World Heritage in China!
Yunnan posseses one of the handful of UNESCO World Heritage Sites; Lijiang. Hop on to discover the reason behind why it deserves the title "The Bivou", and check out a designer guesthouse created for the modern adventurer. Their aim is simple: to be an authentic and sustainable lodge for adventurers, and set new standards in comfort and style. They are also the winner of TripAdvisor 2014 Traveler’s Choice Award for Top 10 Small Hotels in China!

Relaxation Trip
Anytime (4 Days)
From ¥6699 (2 people)
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An Adventure Trip option is also available from¥7199 (2 people)

5. See the Rainbow Mountains in Person
It's time to see one of the most fascinating sets of mountains in the world. They have been called a "geological miracle" and a "paradise for photography", but no matter what people call them, this place is definitely one of China's hidden treasures. To make this trip even more amazing, you'll also hit one of the most picturesque valleys in Asia, immerse yourselves in Tibetan culture, including the old pagodas, ancient water mills, deserts, and the wild camels!

Rainbow Mountains
June 15 - 18
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6. Go Panda Crazy
Are you a big fan of pandas? Well, we'd be surprised if you've never made your way to Chengdu. With their thick coat of fuzzy fur and adorable gestures, you simply can't say no to their cuteness. But what about the food? Hop on a tuk-tuk and get off the beaten path to discover family-run restaurants that you wouldn't find on your own. And why not enjoy some chilled beer and soda during the ride?

Tuesdays - Sundays
¥375 per person
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7. Rediscover China's Ancient Capital
Did you know that Xi'an served as the imperial capital to China for ten imperial dynasties? It's true that the most famous landmark here are the Terracotta Soldiers, but the city's noodles, breads, and dumplings are the most delicious way to understand the city. Try fresh bread cooked by heated rocks, watch fried beef pancakes made to order right in front of you, and pull your own noodles by hand.Along with a huge variety of local produce, it's also common to find local honey, handmade noodles, dried herbs, and tea. It's a food heaven for locals and tourists alike.

Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday
¥325 per person
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Or are you looking for something a little closer to home?
(Especially if you're that last-minute)
Hop on the train/bus and head over to one of these following places!

8. Explore an Ancient Village
Do you know anyone with the surname Li? This may be where their family came from. The architecture dates back to the Qing Dynasty, and is truly one of the best preserved villages in the Siming Mountains. Make the most of the nature around you by trekking along the riverside and surrounding mountains with a special picnic in tow. If weather permits, why not opt for white water rafting too?

Anytime (3 Days)
From ¥2590 per person
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9. Dive into the Bamboo Forest in Moganshan
Stressed from the hustle and bustle of Shanghai? Well, why don't you hop down over to Moganshan? Surrounded by breathtaking bamboo trees, you're free to enjoy a truly leisurely day. Make the most of the nature around you with a short hiking or cycling trip to waterfalls,Dayangli, or the Dadouwu reservoir.

From ¥840 per night
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10. Yoga Retreat in Anji
Tired of the craziness of Shanghai? Want some peace and quiet out in "the nature"? This is the place for you! Go on an amazing yoga retreat over the Dragon Boat holiday! The Anji mountains make for the perfect place, as it's stunning and surrounded by green, ideal for practicing yoga, meditation, and much more.

June 16 - 18
3-Day Trip
From¥280 (Early Bird)
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11. Hike on a Volcano near Shanghai
Hiking through one of China's ancient volcanic rivers and lakes, then setting up camp by a billion year old volcanic lake sounds like a pretty great way to spend the holiday, no? You can take an awesome trek through a bamboo forest, check out a cool buddhist temple, go swimming in the lake, and more!

June 16-18
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What if you've got lots of time?
Why not head full-on into a Bucket List Trip?

12. China Bucket List
Go hit all the must see spots in China! From high-energy Shanghai, to the spectacular mountain scenery of Yangshuo on a bamboo raft, to the adorably cute pandas in Chengdu, there's seriously a lot that you don't wanna miss out on while you're in the country.

From ¥8999
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13. Japan Bucket
With Mount Fuji's spectacular views, the famous Tsukiji fish market (where you can learn how to make sushi with the masters), and Kyoto's beautiful temples and shrines, there's just so much to love about Japan!

From ¥13999
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14. South East Asia Bucket List
Ever wanted to visit Vietnam & Cambodia? Why not tackle them down in an incredible 21 day adventure? Head straight through the major sites plus some hidden gems in both of these countries!

From ¥8230
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Just don't forget to slather on your sunscreen before you head out to explore the great outdoors!
Otherwise, you might regret it.
14 Unique Trips for Dragon Boat Festival & The Summer!
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