Turn Your Kid into a Hollywood Star!

Calling all Shanghai Families!

Summer break is just around the corner. 6 weeks is a long time for the kids to be in the house and...let's face it, under your feet.
But, as usual, 247 is here with a ton of fun, fun, fun in the sun!
This week, we bring you our top summer camps that the kids will love!

Cats the Musical Summer Camp
This summer, one of the superstars from the musical "Cats" will come to Shanghai to teach your kids how to have the purr-fect stage presence! Having toured the world for their 20th anniversary, there's no doubt that this feline means (show) business, and your little actors/actresses will feel like the cats that got the cream!

1200 Changning Rd
August 6-10
From ¥5800

Passport to HOLLYWOOD Summer Camp
This camp offers so much to keep your kids busy - creative, hands-on activities with music, performances, arts & crafts, sports, games, cultural exploration, teamwork and more! Sessions are in English, but there's an assistant who can bridge communication (Mandarin - English/ English - Mandarin) upon request.

709 Jiaozhou Rd
June 18 - August 17

Craft’d Kids Summer Camps
If you're staying in Shanghai for the long Summer holiday, then this is the perfect opportunity for your kids to get creative! Craft'd holiday camps offer a wide variety of creative workshops, bringing your kids into the DIY fold.

July 2 - August 17
From ¥750 (Half-Day)

Fashionista Summer Camp 2018
Fashionista summer camp is open to lovers of all things clothing, and to aspiring designers! Learn how to draw a silhouette, develop a creative fashion collection, how to choose suitable fabrics for designs and throughout the project, realize an outfit. Fab.

Calin Fashion Academy
June 25 - August 3

It's time to pack your kids up and send them out the door!
Turn Your Kid into a Hollywood Star!
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