12 Ways to Survive Disneyland + BIG DISNEY NEWS!

Did you hear?

No, not the part about Toy Story Land opening a few weeks ago...
(Though it's super cool and we're really excited about it and we've already booked our tickets to go check it out cuz HELLO TOY STORY!?)

Nah, the other thing. The bad thing.
The prices for Shanghai Disneyland are going up.

on June 6th.
And they're going to stay that way.
Check for yourself on the official Disney website -
Right here.
So you should probably book your tickets to Disneyland  now,
before your wallet starts questioning your decision making skills.
But wait.
Before you embark on this magical journey to Disneyland, you NEED some tips from us seasoned pros about how to survive...
and make the most out of your Disney day.
Trust us, you don't want to end up like this guy ^^ .

1. Download the Shanghai Disney Resort App
Available in both English and Simplified Chinese, this app is a must have. You can check out park hours, wait times, AND it's the only way to get Fastpasses. 
EXTRA TIP: Scan the QR code on your ticket right after you enter the park, and make your Fastpass selections ASAP. Time is money!

2. Get There as Early as Possible
Kind of obvious but definitely worth mentioning. The lines are ALWAYS shortest closest to park opening and closing times. So get your butts outta bed EARLY and be there at 8AM when the gates open. You can do it. We believe in you.

3. Short on Money? Take the Metro
We're blessed to be in Shanghai, where you can go (almost) anywhere on the metro. For a mere ¥6, you can head over to Disney (the last stop!) via Line 11. It actually doesn't take much longer than going by car, and you won't get caught in traffic.

4. Take Into Account the Walk to the Park...
No matter how you get there, walking to the actual park takes a solid 15 minutes, depending on your pace. And don't forget about the actual time it takes to go through security (yay, lines), and the entrance gate (yay, even MORE lines). BUT if you get tickets from us, you can go straight to the turn-styles and don't have to mess about at the ticket office so that's a bonus!

5. Early? Head to the Rides With the Longest Wait Times First
On weekends, you can queue for over 2 hours for rides during the afternoon. Here's a tip: Soaring over the Horizon, TRON Lightcycle Power Run, and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train;tend to be the longest so hit 'em up early.

EXTRA TIP: Go on TRON at night, because the lights are absolutely STUNNING.

6. Bring/Buy a Poncho
You'll thank us for this when you either A) get rained on, B) go on a water ride, or C) get shot by a water gun. Plus, it's less bulky than bringing a change of clothes, and you won't pass out from overheating in the summer months.

7. Get Yourself a Mini Misting Fan
Laugh all you want, 'cuz sure you won't be when you're dying of heat while standing in a queue!

8. Know Your Basic Chinese
Apparently, Captain Jack Sparrow, Winnie the Pooh, and the seven dwarfs speak fluent Chinese.

EXTRA TIP: Here's some Chinese sentences that might come in handy while you're in the park.
1. xǐ shǒu jiān zài nǎli? - Where are the bathrooms?
2. *name of attraction* zài nǎli? - Where is *name of attraction*?
3. pái duì duōshao fēnzhōng? - How many minutes will the line/queue take?

9. You Can Leave and Re-Enter the Park
Got a solid 2 hour gap between now and your next Fastpass? Exit the park and pop by Disneytown for a meal (for sure hit up The Cheesecake Factory), or a cute souvenir! If you've got a day pass, you can re-enter anytime throughout the day.

10. Stay for the Fireworks
Your feet might hurt, but your heart will hurt even more if you miss this classic Disneyland attraction. The fireworks usually start at 8PM.

11. You Can't Use WeChat Pay
Yep, you read that right. You can use Alipay, cash, or card (including Visa!), but no WeChat pay. Better start preparing your options!

12. Our Last Tip? Buy From 247tickets and Save $$$
Grab your tickets from the 247 website because they are WAY CHEAPER than buying them at the park, plus you don't have to stand in the long and boring ticket queue! Once you've bought your tickets from us, all you need to enter the park is your passport!
EXTRA TIP: Here's a map of Shanghai Disneyland for you to study before you head over there! Or click here to visit the interactive map.

Shanghai Disney Resort
From ¥270 (1-Day Regular Child/Senior)
Prices will change starting June 6th

Who would you go on a ride with?
12 Ways to Survive Disneyland + BIG DISNEY NEWS!
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