7 Amazing Summer Escapes Way Out of Shanghai

It's starting to feel like summer!

Time to put those tall buildings in our rearview mirrors,get way, way out of the city...
and dive into China's amazing nature and culture!
Check out these 7 summer adventures to escape Shanghai:

1. Go to incredible Guilin!
Cruise down the iconic Yulong River on a bamboo raft! Ride bikes in the stunning scenery of Yangshuo, hike around the famous rice terraces, visit an ancient town, take part in a local folk performance, and more!

May 18-20

2. Go to the legendary Shaolin Temple!
Go to the Shaolin Temple, the home of Kung Fu! Explore the mysterious pagoda forest, check out giant Buddha carvings, visit amazing ancient temples, watch a martial arts performance, get a personal Kung Fu lesson from the Shaolin Monks, and more!

May 25-27


3. See the Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an!
Explore the cultural city of Xi'an, check out the world-famous Terracotta Warriors! Bike along the top of the historical Ming Dynasty city walls and visit the highlights of the Silk Road Era in this amazing ancient capital.

June 1-3

4. Camp on Mt Everest and explore Tibet!
Explore the best of Tibet's beauty, including the famous Potala Palace, breathtaking lakes, amazing monasteries, vast grasslands, and more! Then reach new heights (literally) while camping on the tallest mountain in the world!

June 30-July 6

5. Camp and hike in Shennongjia Forests!
Trek a total of 48km through the beautiful scenery of the mountainous Shennonjia Forests, allegedly the home of China's Bigfoot! Discover a sea of clouds and camp under the stars, on this weekend immersed in spectacular nature. 

June 16-18 (Dragonboat Holiday)

6. Camp on the Great Wall!
Time to set up camp at the most original campsite in the world: the Great Wall of China! Hike along a remote section of the wall, throw a bonfire party, and sleep beneath the stars. Finish off your weekend adventure checking out the best of Beijing!

May 25-27

7. Go to the Rainbow Mountains!
Time to go see one of the most fascinating sets of mountains in the world… one of China’s hidden treasures: the Rainbow Mountains! We will get to experience one of the most picturesque valleys in Asia, and visit old pagodas, ancient water mills, deserts and more!

June 15-18 (Dragonboat Holiday)
7 Amazing Summer Escapes Way Out of Shanghai
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