Plan the Perfect Mother's Day

Let's face it...
Mommin' ain't always easy.

So whether you are a mom...

Or you have a mom who's awesome...

Let's take this Mother's Day to appreciate mommas everywhere and show them the love they damn well deserve. Here's to all the mothers out there!

And you know a good way to show love? GIFTS 'N' STUFF!

We've come up with a lil list of events that moms everywhere will love, love, love.

If you've got no idea what your mom loves,
or simply want her to choose for herself,
head down to the end of the article to check out our 247 gift cards!

1. Social Dinners for Socialite Moms

Nothing, we repeat NOTHING in life beats a good brunch. That's just a fact. It's science. And we've got a couple of mamma-worthy brunches and dinners comin' at ya. 

Wine & the City have put together a stunning event that will make a socialite mom very happy. Enjoy a carefully arranged five-course feast paired with a rich selection of wines from France’s Loire Valley, meet some like-minded foodies and one wine expert who'll teach you to talk about wine like a pro (which, let's face it, we all wish we could do). And to top it off, you'll be dining at the Four Seasons Hotel in Pudong. Talk about decadence!

Four Seasons Pudong
May 16
¥690 (including drinks)
Buy your tickets here NOW

Hosted at the 1 Michelin starred WUJIE on the Bund, Wine & The City have challenged themselves to pair organic wines with the highly regarded restaurant's 8-course vegetarian delicacies. Hosting the dinner is a wine connoisseur who will tell you all about organic viticulture.

WUJIE on the Bund
May 30
¥690 (including drinks)
Buy your tickets here NOW

The Jing'an Shangri-La is offering up a top-notch brunch full of top-notch food and booze. We'd expect no less from this high-end establishment that always smells SO GOOD (is that actual witchcraft BTW? You'll see what we mean when you go to brunch.) 

The 1515 West, Chophouse & Bar
Every Sunday
From 464 (1 Person)
Buy your tickets here NOW

The fabulous Westin is hosting a very special Mother's Day brunch on May 13 that mommas all across the city should absolutely attend. They just should. Take them. Take them now. OK? Freeflow champers and more food than you can wrap your brain around = the ultimate, indulgent, super Sunday session.

The Westin Bund Center
May 13
From ¥308 (Child)
Buy your tickets here NOW

2. Float in Space

Floatasian is a luxurious, Swedish floatation spa that provides a unique gravity-free experience, also known as "sensory deprivation." Designed for city dwellers like us who are looking for increased well-being, Floatasian offers the ultimate form of relaxation and comfort for both body and mind.

¥450 (1 Person)
¥788 (2 People)
Buy your tickets here NOW

3. Sing along to some snazzy tunes.
Think you've got a musical mom? Well, we've got the thing for you. The Swingles perform stunning reinventions of songs by the likes of John Martyn, Elbow and Mumford & Sons, with subtle beatboxing and audacious harmonies. 

Shanghai Concert Hall
May 20
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4. Get in Some Serious LOL Time.
If we're talking about a mamma with a sense of humor, we got this. Grab some tickets to 'Whose Line is it Anyway" by the big, bad chuckle-mongerers behind Punchline Comedy. This is a guarenteed thigh-slappingly good night, and why not make it even better by heading for some drinks before hand so mom can really let her hair down.

Cages Bar and Sports
May 25
Buy your tickets here NOW

Blossoms, Kerry Hotel Pudong
May 26
Buy your tickets here NOW

5. Get her a gift card.

Maybe you don't know what your mom likes, or she's involved in so many hobbies that you can't tell which one she prefers more! But hey, this is why gift cards exist; they make your life easier. And now, you can buy her some 247 gift cards which can be applicable to any event!

With hundreds of events on the 247tickets website, she's bound to find an event, trip, or experience that she'll absolutely adore!

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Overall, Mother's Day is a reminder that you should appreciate the woman who gave you life. So don't forget to give your mom a kiss and hug sometimes!
Plan the Perfect Mother's Day
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