You've heard about it...
and now it's coming!

That's right,
has officially opened on April 26th!

If you've been living under a rock, Toy Story Land has officially become the latest addition to the Happiest Place on Earth: Shanghai Disneyland.

Take a sneak peek of Toy Story Land in the video:

Immerse yourself in the world of Andy's toys, entering a land where you're actually the same size as all of them! From the slinky dog ride, to Woody's Roundup, this latest addition to Disneyland is sure to bring back all those nostalgic memories.

But wait...
How will you make it through Disneyland?

It's okay, we know how frustrating it can be to get around in any theme park, which is why we've prepared a special survival guide just for you!

And trust us, you don't want to be like him.

1. Download the Shanghai Disney Resort App, right now.

Available in both English and Simplified Chinese, this app will literally be your lifesaver in Shanghai Disneyland. You can check out park hours, wait times, AND make Fastpass selections!

Scan the QR code on your ticket right after you enter the park, and make your Fastpass selections ASAP! It'll save you time, instead of having to walk to the ride to do it. Time is money!

2. Get there as early as possible.

We know. You're tired, it's early, and there's most likely a huge group of people waiting to enter the park. But let's face it, the lines are ALWAYS shortest closest to park opening and closing times... and it'd be a waste of your ticket to arrive so late in the day!

3. Short on money? Take the metro.

We're blessed to be in Shanghai, where you can go (almost) everywhere with the metro. For a mere 5 RMB, you can head over to Disney (the last stop!) with Line 11. Might take a while, but once again, time is money!! And at least you won't get caught up in traffic!

4. Leave 15 minutes earlier than your desired arrival time.

No matter how you get there, walking to the actual theme park takes a solid 15 minutes, depending on your pace. And don't forget about the actual time it takes to go through security (yay, lines!), and entrance gate (yay, even MORE lines!).

5. If you get there early, head to the rides with the longest wait times first.

During weekends, lines can go as long as 2 hours long in the afternoon for popular rides! Here's a tip: Soaring over the Horizon, TRON Lightcycle Power Run, and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train tend to have the longest lines.

Make sure you get to go on TRON at night, because the lights are absolutely STUNNING.

6. Bring/buy a poncho.

You'll thank us for this when you either a) get rained on, b) go on a water ride, or c) get shot by a water gun. It's a lot less bulk than bringing a change of clothes!

7. Get yourself one of those mini misting fans.

You may laugh at the others for having one, but you surely won't be when you're burning under the hot sun waiting in line, envious of the little kid ahead of you holding two in his hand.

8. Practice your basic Chinese.

It may be Disneyland, but Chinese is still the main language since... we're in China. So don't be afraid to practice your Chinese, and impress the rest of your friends & family when you order lunch!

All the rides and attractions are in Chinese, but there are english instructions on the side.

9. You can bring your own food into the park.

Some people may say this isn't true, but there are no restrictions on bringing food into the park. So that's a pretty big win for those with allergies and dietary restrictions! But hey, the food at the park is pretty good.

Here's some of my favourites:
Remy's Patisserie The bread and pastries make super Insta-worthy pics and stories.

Stargazer Grill For when you just crave a burger, and nothing else.

Toy Box Cafe Because Disney appreciates the heavenly Hawaiian pizza as much as I do.

Tangled Tree Tavern You can't go wrong with some classic fish and chips.

Royal Banquet Hall Okay, maybe I haven't gone here yet... but it looks amazing!

10. You can leave and re-enter the park.

Got a solid 2 hour gap between now and your next Fastpass? Feel free to exit the park and pop by Disneytown for a nice meal, or to buy a quick souvenir! If you've got a day pass, you can re-enter anytime throughout the day.

11. Stay behind for the fireworks.

We know, it's late and your feet hurt from all that walking. But it's seriously worth it, especially if you love fireworks!

And a last quick tip?
Grab your tickets on the 247 website for some pretty great prices!
Shanghai Disney Resort

Buy your tickets here NOW!

Follow these points, and you'll be strolling in smoothly... just like Woody!