Nothing beats some quality time with the fam,
which let’s face it;
means something different for every, single family out there.

No two families are the same. There’s no one size that fits all.
But guess what? We know a thing or two about families (we’re good like that) so, we’ve put together a set of events specifically for your tribe.

The Creative Family
As true artists, creativity runs through your whole family. Whether you're crafting a papier-mâché sculpture, rushing to choir rehearsal, or writing your own bedtime stories, the members of your family love to produce anything they can stamp with their creativity, and you'll often let your imaginations run wild!

Hand in Hand International Children’s Festival
A really, really cool event for any family with even the slightest musical inclination or interest. This is China’s first international music festival for families! Music that’s not just for the kids and a great variety of world-famous acts live in concert, this diverse set will keep everyone movin' throughout the night.

April 29 - May 1
Shanghai Art Theatre
From ¥160
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June 3
Beijing Exhibition Centre
From ¥160
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You and Me and the Space in Between
Watch as a children's picture books come to life! Listen and watch as the story and images unfold in front of your eyes, with illustrations and narration no longer bound to pages.

April 29 - May 20
Art Space for Kids
From ¥240
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The Little Singers of Paris
These little "Ambassadors for France" have some pretty big voices. The Little Singers of Paris are perhaps one of the most famous and accomplished boys choirs with an act that will more than impress - don't miss these little lads as they make their way through Shanghai!

June 1
Shanghai Symphony Hall
From ¥380
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The Tech-Savvy Family
You guys have got your gadgets down to a T. You live in a "smart house" and love experiencing the latest tech. Anything with a techy element will get you all excited including light shows and VR experiences like these...

Darwin the Dinosaur
This incredible light show, from the award winning Lightwire Theater group, tells the story of a friendly dinosaur that is brought to life by the magic of science!

June 16
1862 Theater
From ¥180
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Real Madrid Experience in 360º
Real Madrid’s new channel is here - in 360º and VR! Step into the football club and find yourself standing in Santiago Bernabéu Stadium on game day - a one of a kind, kinda of mind blowing experience that a true football fan can’t afford to miss.

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Magic Lamp
Prepare to have your mind blown! This will appeal to the family whose home is littered with the latest gadgets, or any fans of LED lights, animation, and special effects.

Until June 3
Global Harbor Mall
From ¥80
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The Dramatic Family
People are more likely to hear you before they see you! You're an animated family that’s not afraid to be your true, dramatic selves in public, and you'll often dress up and put on shows at the weekends, just for funsies!

Passport to Hollywood
All the greats started early, right? This camp provides kids with essential life skills, while also teaching them all about the performing arts and culture. They'll have fun and maybe even learn how to Vogue.

June 18 - August 13
Fit Space
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Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella
Sir Matthew Bourne, known and admired everywhere for his choreography and direction, is bringing you his follow-up to the critically acclaimed performance, The Red Shoes New Adventures. A beautiful presentation of dance and a devastatingly romantic story, you won't want to miss his adaptation of Cinderella.

August 16 – 19
Shanghai Culture Square
From ¥180
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Selladoor Family Presents Guess How Much I Love You
The long-time family favorite is now hitting the stage for a live action take. Follow the fun-loving story of Big and Little Nutbrown, where each bounce and pounce are punctuated by live music!

May 11 – 13
Shanghai Centre Theatre
From ¥100
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The Hip Family
If you're scooting or skating down the road right alongside your little one, you're totally a hip parent. You guys like going to new places, trying new things, and seeing shows that are a little out of the ordinary, such as...

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
A staple of any kid’s bookshelf, this gem has made its way to the Shanghai stage with beautiful puppets and classic storytelling finesse.

June 8 - 10
ET Space
From ¥153 (Early Bird)
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Fireflies: Shadow Kingdom
Imagine all of your cartoon favorites as a shadow field of color - you can find the characters you know and love live in this fascinating show.

May 9 - 13
ET Space
From ¥80
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Little Wizards (Puppet Show)
Can't beat a good old fashioned puppet show! The Varna State Puppet Theatre has been entertaining families since 1952, and the repeat award-winning Little Wizards is sure to be a real treat.

April 21 - 29
Ciro's Performaing Arts Theater
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Family Show: KIBUBU
A clown duo and a gorilla on stage, commnicating without words. I might sound strange and it's definitely not like any show you've seen before, but that's what makes it so enjoyable. Pure talent, with a story that will make you laugh, forlorn, but leave you feeling warm.

May 19
Daguan Theater - Himalyas Center
From ¥180
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