You know that awkward time of the year
when no matter what you wear,
you’re still too hot,
but then also a bit… chilly?
Well, it’s time for you and the family to get out and stretch those stiff winter legs of yours... We’ve got some suggestions to help you score points with your loved ones!

1. Check out the many Cherry Blossom trees throughout the city
It’s also selfie season, so join the people of Shanghai as they seek to capture the best angles of themselves in front of a lusciously pink Sakura backdrop. Go see nature's beautiful creations while they’re still blooming between late March and mid-April.

2. Enjoy a weekend brunch
Squeeze in some quality time with your family while enjoying a mouth-watering brunch with a view. Sit on a rooftop overlooking Shanghai’s futuristic, yet undeniably charming skyline or dine right in a park and fill your tummy with world-classfood.

3. Ride with your family
A classic family activity. In a city with no shortage of shared bicycles, get some exercise and explore parts of the city that you miss every day while riding the metro. Pedal away and take full advantage of the reasonably warm weather.

4. Visit a nearby Water Town
Before it gets far too hot and crowded with tourists. Round everyone up, then spend your weekend weaving through traditional brick alleyways and enjoy the many canals that feed their way like veins from the heart of any of these stunning villages.

5. Garden hopping!
Shanghai is home to five classical gardens and well... these aren’t your average gardens. Breathing the sweet smell of blossoming flowers while you and your family are surrounded by ancient architecture, monuments and pagodas.

6. Amusement parks, duh!
The brief window between winter and the overbearing heat of summer makes for a good time to check out any of Shanghai’s amusement parks. When in doubt a trip to Disneyland or Happy Valley is sure to make you an even cooler parent.

7. Observe some wildlife
While living in Shanghai can sometimes feel like being in a zoo, your family is sure to love a day trip to the Shanghai Zoo. Come and meet China's exquisite animal, the panda! This will excite even the most apathetic of family members.

Assuming you've checked all or at least some of these off the list, then why not consider some of these events thatwill help make this the most memorable spring to date?

Multimedia Modern Dance: Aracaladanza “Clouds”
This show will keep the young ones fully engaged (and quiet). This take on modern-day is perhaps the most peaceful night out with everyone you’ll have for awhile! Let your imaginations run free during this piece of calming, artistic entertainment.

Shanghai Children's Art Theater
May 11-13
From ¥80
Buy your tickets here NOW

Samajam: Kids Show
Your kids will have the chance to express themselves and contribute to a fun-filled evening with drumsticks, music sticks, and tambourines.

ET Space
April 13-15
From ¥180
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Family Comedy Show: ¡Muu! 2 by Yllana
This show will have you and your loved ones laughing your heads off to this family-friendly satire all about the world of bullfighting. This flamboyant and outrageous show will make you think and have you smiling from start to finish.

Daguan Theater - Himalayas Center
June 3
From ¥280
Buy your tickets here NOW

1515 West Sunday Brunch
1515 West brings out a brand new Sunday brunch offering fresh food. The 3-main-course brunch offers free-flow appetizers, hand-sliced charcuterie and cheeses. 1 complimentary glass of cocktail and 1 dessert are included.

1515 West Jing'an Shangri-La
Every Sunday
From ¥464
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Shanghai Zoo
This zoo is home to over 6,000 animals from China and international origin and 5 different exhibiton zones.

Shanghai Zoo
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Shanghai Disneyland
This is Shanghai Disneyland, a fun experience filled with creativity, adventure and thrills for guests of all ages!

Shanghai Disney Resort
From ¥270
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March showers bring April flowers in Shanghai.
Well, we certainly hope that these things to do are more than enough to keep you busy while in Shanghai this spring!