Winter is slowly coming to an end, and do you know what that means?!
And what better way to kickstart the season than with this killer international music festival?!

Sónar Festival in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Science Park
March 17
¥160 (Sonar+D)
¥750 (SonarPass)
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So why exactly should you add Sónar to your big, bad list of festivals to attend?

It's not just any ordinary music festival
Since its creation in 1994, Sónar has established itself at the cutting edge of the electronic music landscape, and is widely considered the world’s most respected electronic music and arts festival.

They cover a seriously large range of music!
They've got you covered from hip-hop and grime, to techno, house and experimental electronica... what more do you need?

They've got a bangin' lineup this year!
Including Laurent Garnier, Keys N Krates, The Black Madonna, and Mouse on the Keys!

Hong Kong is the only Asian city hosting Sonar 2018
Unless you're willing to fly all the way to Europe, this is the only place in Asia you'll be able to attend Sonar.

They'll have six different stages
Yeah,sixstages. SIX! That's a whole lotta music.

You're going to want to check out the Sónar+D programme too!
Combining forward-thinking workshops, talks and interactive activities designed to explore the relationship between creativity, technology, innovation and commerce in a relaxed and inspiring environment.

This year marks their 25th Anniversary!
They're celebrating the occasion by sending a musical message into outer space in search of extra-terrestrial intelligence. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!

You get to escape the last cold days of winter!
Get your body acclimated to the warm months to come with a bit of sunbathing in HK!

So, what exactly is Sonar Festival?
An electronic music festival that unites fans from all over the world with its insane lineup and super high-quality production, bringing together unique and creative minds for this HUGE festival that's on for ONE DAY ONLY! The festival is also not only about music - as we mentioned before, the festival will also showcase the latest innovations in creative technology under the Sonar+D programme.

Who wants to kickstart the music festival season with Sonar?!
Hong Kong Science Park
March 17
¥160 (Sonar+D)
¥750 (SonarPass)
Buy your tickets here NOW