First of all...
Everyone at 247tickets would like to wish you a
May the year bring you
health, wealth, and joy...
with all those HONGBAOS!
To celebrate, we've come up with a big ol' list of events
for every animal in the Chinese Zodiac!

Starting with...

National Theatre: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
We think that Christopher, the main character in this amazing West End & Broadway production, possesses similar traits to this zodiac sign. Why? Because of his values in justice, being loyal, straightforward, and quick-minded in solving this mystery. See for yourself!

Shanghai Culture Square
May 9-13
From ¥200
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Chinese Cooking Workshop
Labeled as diligent, compassionate, and generous, we definitely thought that this group cooking course would be perfect for the pig! Their patience helps them take the time to execute Chinese dishes perfectly, and would then be more than willing to share their creations with their classmates!

370 South Wulumuqi Rd
From ¥140 (Child)
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Rent 20th Anniversary
The rat is one of the most highly adaptable creatures, who are versatile and easily learns new skills due to their hard-working persona. This makes Jonathan Larson's Rent a fitting story, as it showcases the hard work and dedication of seven artists, who persevere to follow their dreams.

Shanghai Culture Square
August 30 - September 5
From ¥280
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Cliff Hiking
Known for having extraordinary determination and great endurance, the ox would be great at pushing past their boundaries and limits, hence, cliff hiking! In this short weekend trip, you will be hiking up some of the most insane cliffs ever, and get to spend a night out under the stars. How cool is that?

March 16-18
From ¥1399 (Until March 1)
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The 13th Door
As the tiger is probably the fiercest animal in the zodiac, and their brave and massive spirit of adventure will guide them through this one-of-a-kind haunted house experience. From the ER of a hospital, to a butchery, to an execution room, this is one for the courageous souls out there!

Gaming In Reality
From ¥336 (2 people)
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Sunday Brunch at The Westin
As sociable and popular creatures, the rabbit is an animal who would enjoy a luxurious Sunday Brunch while chattering away with their friends! The one at The Westin is no exception and this week, the theme is Chinese New Year!

The Westin Bund Center
From ¥268 (Child)
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2047 Apologue
Dragons are known to be ambitious animals, who have the capabilities of a born-leader. And director Zhang Yimou is exactly that; he's directed a truly unforgettable audio-visual experience. From traditional instruments, to holographic stage lighting, to modern dance, this show has the makings of an amazing night!

Shanghai Grand Theatre Lyric Theatre
March 4-5
From ¥580
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The Crucible
Considered as the animal with an inborn sixth sense, snakes are intelligent and mysterious, much like this theatre performance. East West Theatre's take on Arthur Miller's The Crucible is a powerful and timeless depiction of how the intolerance and hysteria of 'witch-hunting' tore a community apart.

La Bota Bund Docks
March 1-18
From ¥160
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Longines Global Champions Tour
Did we just pick show-jumping simply because horses are involved? Yeah...kinda. But, the horse is known as a determined animal, who is also super cheerful, optimistic, and passionate. We're sure that these guys and their stunning horses will wow the crouds this April.

South of China Art Museum
April 20-22
From ¥380
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French Musical Romeo & Juliet
As tender and kind animals, whose hearts are as soft (if not softer) than their wool, the sheep is one of the most compassionate animals. And so is this classic musical of Romeo and Juliet! Furthermore, the performance is in French, which people say is the language of love. How fitting!

Shanghai Culture Square
April 6-22
From ¥380
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Pyongyang Marathon
Monkeys are animals who are versatile, competitive, and love to pursue new things! So, why not go for a once-in-a-lifetime marathon in North Korea? YES, NORTH KOREA. In this trip, you'll get to not only experience the marathon, but also try North Korean food, and visit the other key cultural hotspots of the country!

April 6-11
From ¥6,999 (Until Feb 22)
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Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games
Roosters have bright personalities and enjoy showing off their talent to others, much like this extravagant, upcoming dance show! World-renowned Irish dancing group, Lord of the Dance, returns with another sensational performance based on traditional Irish folklore.

Shanghai Culture Square
May 3-6
From ¥180
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