Had a rough week?
Looking for a reason to escape your house on a Wednesday evening?
Come hang out with Travelers Society for a chill movie night!
Get out of the cold and join Travelers Society for the first ever Travelers Movie Night! We will be watching an amazing documentary, and have the chance to exchange stories, ideas, and opinions! PLUS: Free food and drinks will be provided!

If there's one thing all travelers have in common, it's a true appreciation for the beauty of our planet and an understanding for the importance of conserving it. That's why we've chosen Mission Blue, an award-winning documentary about the legendary marine biologist Sylvia Earle and her mission to protect Earth's beautiful oceans from harm, such as toxic waste, overfishing, oil drilling, and more.
Through the film's amazing underwater footage, we see Earle's fearless tenacity and boundless energy, as the then 78-year-old woman dives into the deep ocean, swims among whale sharks, and dodges fishing nets in a major fishing operation.
The documentary beautifully chronicles Earle's inspiring campaign, her life's passionate work, and shows us the world through her eyes. It's heartbreaking, but full of hope.
This is the perfect opportunity to connect with fellow travelers, share our thoughts and experiences, and discuss how our community could work together to protect our world.

Come see this amazing documentary with us, and enjoy an evening of fun, friends, and free food!

Wednesday, February 7th @ 6:30pm
WeWork, 696 Weihai Road
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