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5 Fresh Ways to Keep the Kids Busy!

There's a whole lot of fab kids shows and events out there this month,
and we know how hard it can be picking one out of hundreds to attend with the fam!

So here's a bit more info about some super fun looking shows that might make your decision a little easier!

AGA-BOOM A one-of-a-kind show filled with laughter and a whole lotta clowns!
Drawing inspiration from European theatrics and clowning, Aga-Boom cuts through the barriers of language and culture using the art of slapstick, the humor of physical comedy.
Prepare yourself for 75 minutes of silliness, zaniness, belly laughs, and...yep even more clowns!
It's done so well across the globe that the mayor of Las Vegas even declared "AGA-BOOM Day" on September 7th, 2004.

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However, not everyone is a lover of clowns which is totally understandable because they are quite scary. So here's a clown-less kids show that the kids can become a part of!

That's right, every kid is encouraged to participate in this unique performance, which includes instruments to use during the show, as well as live interactive video games!
Participation is expected from everyone - after all, this show is what you make of it!
Forget traditional music lessons, we'd rather bring our kids to this!

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Looking for something more along the educational lines?

Life Skills & Math Winter Camp
Following Harvard methodology, the M&Y Group has trained over 2000 students and developed numerous educational materials, such as storybooks, workbooks, and games. Now, they're holding a course led by international trainers: aiming to boost children's confidence, develop teamwork & critical thinking, and enhance analytical skills.

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Forest Stories (Shadow Play)
Do you know any kids who love storytelling? Treat them to a wonderful shadow play involving five, forest-based children's stories! Ranging from the classic "Three Little Pigs," to documentary-based "Antelope Crossing," the young ones are sure to have a blast!

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Theatrical Storytelling Kids Winter Camp
For the especially young ones, the M&Y Group proudly presents an interactive life skills course that incorporates theatrical storytelling sessions led by International Trainers. This course aims to boost kids' confidence, broaden childrens' imagination, and allow them to become a great storyteller!

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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
Hailed by The Times as a "phenomenal combination of storytelling and spectacle," as well as the winner of 7 Olivier Awards in 2013, there is no doubt that the Curious Incident is a truly marvelous performance. Don't miss out on the longest-running play on Broadway in over a decade!

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So, will it be AGA-BOOM or Samajam?
5 Fresh Ways to Keep the Kids Busy!
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