With Chinese New Year just around the corner, there's plenty to look forward to: the exciting firecrackers, the vibrant dragon dances, and most of all - the FOOD!!! This February, be sure to try these 8 delicious traditional foods that will bring you good luck (and a full stomach)!

1. Dumplings
Dumplings are without a doubt the most important food for Chinese New Year celebration. They are traditionally boat-shaped to imitate the yuanbao (元宝), which were gold and silver ingots used as currency during imperial China. The process of preparing and cooking dumplings is seen as a way of bringing people together, and is practiced by families throughout China.

Make & eat dumplings this Chinese New Year in a traditional village near Shanghai!
This short trip is all about celebrating Chinese New Year in a traditional village with traditional CNY activities. We will make dumplings and rice cakes (…and eat them!), try our hand at Chinese paintings and other crafts, set off firecrackers, take a hike through a bamboo forest, relax in some hot springs, and more!!!

Let’s go experience awesome CNY traditions!
When? February 19 - 20 (CNY)
How much? 1199 RMB
(Early bird ends Jan. 19 - Book now!)

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2. Fish
Fish is essential to the Chinese New Year dinner table. In the Chinese language, the word for fish is a homonym for abundance. Harbin, located in Heilongjiang province, is known for its fish banquets, which specialize in freshwater fish from the Heilong River.

Don't miss the breathtaking Harbin ice festival this winter!
This weekend is all about massive, spectacularly-lit ice sculptures, the biggest snowmen you have ever seen, ice slides to FLY down… And that’s not all, we will also be visiting the best place to see Siberian tigers, checking out the Russian-style architecture in Harbin’s old town!!!

Let’s go hit the slopes in Harbin!
When? January 26 - 28
How much? 3499 RMB

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3. Nian gao
Nian gao (年糕), or year cake, is a glutinous rice dish that originates from China. Different versions of nian gao are popular throughout many Asian countries, especially during the Lunar New Year. Seenakku is a delicious variation of nian gao that is popular in Sri Lanka, where it is usually served with coconut.

Visit the beautiful tropical paradise of Sri Lanka for Chinese New Year!
Explore this beautiful island paradise with incredible beaches, amazing temples, elephant sanctuaries, hop on the iconic coastal railway, and much more!! This week in paradise is an awesome way to spend your holiday!

Let’s go discover incredible Sri Lanka!
When? February 14 - 22 (CNY)
How much? 7799 RMB

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4. Mandarin oranges
In Chinese, the word for orange has the same pronunciation as the word for success. Eating the succulent Mandarin orange during Chinese New Year is believed to bring success and wealth. These Mandarin oranges are a specialty of southeastern China, where they are known to be particularly sweet.

Experience the beauty of Dayushan Island in Southeastern China!
Avoid the insane sea of travelers during Chinese New Year and come with us over to Dayushan Island, where we will hike around the island, go camping, check out spectacular nature, watch the sunrise, fly Chinese lanterns, the She minority people, have a bonfire party on the beach!!!

Let’s go hiking + camping on Dayushan Island!
When? February 17 - 20 (CNY)
How much? 2099 RMB

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5. Pu'er tea
Chinese tea culture has a long history. Tea is a symbol of respect and reconnection, and having tea with family is customary for Chinese New Year. Yunnan province is famous for their Pu’er tea, a lovely dark tea that is uniquely cultivated in the perfect climate of their beautiful mountains.

Take a hiking trip in the magnificent mountains of Yunnan!
This trek is an unforgettable adventure into the heart of Yunnan. Check out Tiger Leaping Gorge, to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Haba Mountain, this is a hiking trip for those who seek magnificent landscapes and awesome views!!

Let’s go trekking in the heart of Yunnan!
When? February 11 - 16
How much? 4700 RMB

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6. Ba bao fan
Ba bao fan (八宝饭), or eight treasures rice, is a sweet sticky rice dish that is popular for Chinese New Year celebration. The colorful dish is generally decorated with various fruits and nuts, and contains a sweet core of red bean paste. The mouthwatering dessert is famous in Shanghai and the southern regions of China.

Take a weekend trip to a winter wonderland just outside of Shanghai!
This weekend is all about winter! We will be heading over to Daming Mountain for a winter hike with incredible winter scenes, check out an awesome ancient village, relax in hot springs, bonfire party, and more!!!

Let’s go hike Daming Mountain + hot springs!
When? February 19 - 21 (CNY)
How much? 1480 RMB
(Early bird ends Feb. 6 - Book now!)

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7. Spring rolls
Chinese New Year is also known as Spring Festival, which lends its name to the delicious spring rolls that are commonly enjoyed during the holiday. Spring rolls are shaped like gold bars, and represent wealth in the new year. While spring rolls may vary by region, Fujian province masters the classic crispy, savory spring roll with its unique indigenous flavors.

Visit the Fujian mud castles for Chinese New Year and sleep at a UNESCO World Heritage site!
This trip will be about exploring the amazing UNESCO World Heritage mud buildings called Tulou that were built in the 12th century. We will also do an awesome trek through tea plantation and tasting, and check out the best preserved colonial island in China!!!

Let’s go spend the night in Chinese mud castles!
When? February 15 - 17 (CNY)
How much? 2099 RMB
(Early bird ends Jan. 18 - Book now!)

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8. Hot pot
Hot pot is a Chinese cooking and eating style in which many different raw ingredients are combined in a large pot of boiling broth. Culturally, this method is ideal for close groups, as it emphasizes sharing food, and is symbolic for the warmth and love shared between family and friends. In Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan, a province known for their rich flavors and spices, many locals celebrate Chinese New Year with the famous spicy hot pot, brought to life by the fragrant Sichuan pepper.

Visit Chengdu and see the pandas and the UNESCO Leshan Giant Buddha!
Explore the famous panda breeding center, check out the incredible giant stone Buddha at Leshan, roam through the beautiful Jinli Street and surrounding areas, do some Tai Chi in a park, and try some excellent Sichuan cuisine!!!

Let’s go explore the amazing city of Chengdu!
When? March 23 - 25
How much? 1499 RMB
(Early bird ends Feb. 9 - Book now!)

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