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7 Spectacular Dance Shows in Shanghai!

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that Kung Fu is very, very cool.

And when combined with contemporary dance?!

During the 19th Shanghai International Arts Festival, Chinese Choreographer Zhao Liang proudly premieres his latest creation...

Martial Art in Dance
Featuring four young contemporary dancers and three martial artists, this intense performance includes elements of saber play, swordplay, cudgel play, and tai chi.
Zhao says that martial arts and dance are phonetically similar in Chinese, that they come from the same root. They both follow the "law of the universe," and are also deeply connected with the human body and spirituality.
Following the theme of "intoxication, exaltation, and simplification," Zhao chose a simple stage setting of only black, white, and grey for this performance.
Witness a unique and unforgettable twist on the age-old style of combat with this breathtaking show.

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Maybe you're interested in something a little more... classic?
Well, we've got some amazing ballet performances coming to our fair city, each offering something fresh, exciting and original.

1. Children's Ballet of Kiev: Swan Lake
You may have seen the all time classic Swan Lake before, but probably not quite like this. The Children's Ballet of Kiev will perform a show that'll make you feel a whole heap of feels - hope, despair, fear, happiness, tenderness, love... and when performed by a group of amazingly talented kids?! The timeless tale just got even more emotional.

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2. Shanghai Ballet: The Butterfly Lovers
For over three decades, the Shanghai Ballet has been dazzling audiences around the world with its unique repertoire of folk-infused Chinese ballet and classical Western masterworks. The Butterfly Lovers, often considered the Chinese equivalent to Romeo & Juliet, is an audience favourite you don't want to miss.

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3. Russian Tchaikovsky Ballet: Swan Lake
One hundred and thirty five years ago, the Swan Lake music written by great Russian composer Pyotr Illych Tchaikovsky was heard for the very first time. Take it back to the beginning with an original performance of Swan Lake; timeless and classic.

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4. Shanghai Ballet: The Last Mission of Marco Polo
Since its founding, the young dancers within the Shanghai Ballet have won a total of 39 medals between them, from various international dance competitions. Join them as they take on the story of Marco Polo's journey to the Orient, discovering a whole new culture in a land far away.

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5. Russian State Ballet of Astrakhan: Swan Lake
Another Swan Lake performance, this time from the amazing Russian State Ballet. Replete with haunting music and exquisite dance. Capturing the imagination of many generations, its fairy-tale mystery and romance continues to fascinate audiences worldwide.

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6. Quorum Ballet: Rite of Spring
Quorum Ballet is a contemporary dance company made up of six outstanding dancers. Follow them as they take on Igor Stravinsky's "The Rite of Spring," a controversial piece that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who goes to see it.

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7 Spectacular Dance Shows in Shanghai!
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