With Chinese New Year season approaching, we can all expect the prices of everything to start going up very soon-- hotels, trains, planes... you name it! Most importantly, this will be true for one of the biggest holidays in the Chinese calendar: Chinese New Year 2018!!! But are you still clueless on what you should do, or where to go? Well, we're going to help you out with our list of trips lined up!

Trecking & Paragliding in the Himalayas
Straight up, this is probably one of the coolest treks in the world, through the most stunning mountain range this planet has to offer-- and if that isn't enough, if that beautiful view doesn't quite cut it with your feet on the ground, you'll also be paragliding through it. Mental. Oh, and you'll also get to try some delicious local food, peek into life in remote villages, discover ancient temples… This is truly the trip of a lifetime!!
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Week in Paradise: Sri Lanka

This paradise is in Sri Lanka. You can spend a week there hopping islands with incredible beaches, amazing temples, elephant sanctuaries, hopping on the iconic coastal railway and contantly posting on Instagram to really annoy your friends.
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Let's Get Our Diving Certificates in Bali!
Already a diving expert? Want to learn and not THAT worried about being eaten by sharks? Spend your Chinese New Year week diving in one of the most beautiful countries in the world! Check out coral reefs, shipwrecks, and underwater “gardens” while getting your certificate (or if you're certified just enjoy!) Plus, you can hike up Mount Batur, the second largest volcano in Bali! Sweet!
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Skiing in North Korea
Love skiing? Like hermit nations? Not from the US, South Korea, Japan or Israel? Then Skiing in North Korea is for you! If you're the kind of person who loves to top a story, then having 'I've skied in North Korea' is going to beat Whistler or the Alps any day of the week. Boom.
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Sleep in Ancient Chinese Mudcastles!
It sounds pretty dirty but it's not, honestly. This trip is about exploring (and sleeping in) the amazing UNESCO World Heritage mud buildings built in the 12th century called Tulou, which can house communities of 500 people. You'll have an awesome trek through a tea plantation,taste some delicious tea, check out the best preserved colonial island in China, learn how to make your own dumplings, eat loads of delicious food, and more!
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