Happy birthday to us! To celebrate we decided to go out drinking. However, we thought we’d try to do you guys a service as well, and with summer creeping slippery (cuz of all the sweat) towards us, we decided to do a bottle shop tour. So without further adue (and because these magazines are TINY) let’s get into it.

P.S forgot the DSLR, used my phone. SORRY!

1- Food & Life nr Cool Docks:

You know it's bad when you pay RMB38 for a measily Tsingtao

OK we chose this one because it’s next door to our new office. Weird hot pot/veg shop/cafe with a small selection of bottled beer. Cheapest beer Tsing Tsao (38) most expensive Erdinger (58) Sat out the back and looked at the bund, the only highlight really. 3/10

2- Foam Heaven Dagu Lu:

Orval, the most expensive of the day at RMB80

Right, this is a bit more like it. On the higher end of the bottle shop spectrum, pretty much a bar with TVs and lots of seats. Good beer selection and mid-range prices, although I did miss the dinginess of your average bottle shop. Cheapest (interesting) beer was a Steen Brugge (25) most expensive Orval (80). Beer was good, peanuts were a nice touch. Nice outdoor area. 7/10.

3- The Beer Shelf Danshui Lu:

The Delirium it was a-flowin'

This was an odd one – chose our beer in their first location and then got herded down to their bar that they opened up for us. We obviously looked like seasoned drinkers who would stay for hours. Just the one please! They gave us free nachos though so I’m going to give them a high score because I have no integrity and want more free things next time. Selection was the best of the lot. Cheapest was Chimay (40) most expensive Gulden Draak (55 / 12%). 9/10

4- Family Mart Xinzha lu:

This one especially bad, blame it on my poor photography skills and the 12% beer at the last stop...

Had to add this one. The greatest cheap beer in town. Just your usual Family Mart set up with a big garden right outside decked out with aging garden furniture. Most of the seats are broken, but I’ll take that to sit outside all afternoon drinking 8RMB Asahi and smoking 中南海. Only problem is the lack of toilet. Cheapest Suntory Blue (4) most expensive Merson (12)

5- Bottoms Up Wuding lu:

My choice for beer of the day; not going to lie I can't remember why exactly, just remember being like, YES.

Best beer of the day (and my last, so it must have been good) was purchased here. A Bloodline Blood Orange Ale (45). Very good. This place is a tiny room with a very good selection. Downsides are smoking inside make it like Perry’s condensed into 15sqm, also you have to walk 2 minutes to the nearest toilet, which at this point was bad news for us. Cheapeast: Banking Squirrel (25) most expensive Burton Battery (78) 7/10

Words: Pete Dixon