1. Disney is going to be spilling into yo' cracks

It’s inside Uniqlo, Adidas and Vans. Disney on Ice, Disney themed food and drinks. It’s spilling out everywhere and it’s getting in to all the cracks, like when you drop a pint of double cream. And we all know why. Disney Land Shanghai is due to open in 2016 so we expect the entire city to go even more Disney mental in the coming months.

2. Avicii

Avicii will cancel at least one show. Probably two.

3. Rise of the thespians

We’ll see more and more stuff on the stage – we’ve had some great shows this year and we think they’re gonna keep getting bigger and better. Family shows, tribute shows, full on spectaculars – 2016 is the year for theatre.

4. Hollywood's kissing of China's RMB filled arse will escalate

Hollywood has finally cottoned on to the fact that the movie biz here is bigger than anywhere else in the world and has actually started making movies with Chinese censors in mind. The days of waiting for months for movies to come out here will be long behind us. The number of films that are released here will increase massively – currently 34 films are allowed through the red tape each year, but with the world of cinema changing, we’ll soon be dripping in blockbusters.
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5. City o' squatters

Apartment prices in Shanghai will soar so high that everyone will flatly refuse to pay up and we'l lbe living in a city of squatters by March.