The Kids Choice Awards were held this past weekend, and it looks like celebrities have started to emerge from their post-awards-season hibernation. Hosted by Andy Dwyer aka Chris Pratt, the awards also saw Emma Stone and Ms. Maleficent herself in attendance. Angelina Jolie attended with daughters Zahara and Shiloh, and they were just too-damn-cute when she won. Accepting the award for Best Villain, she gave a great speech about being different and added, “Cause a little trouble. It’s good for you!” Words to live by, Ange.

Katie Holmes was also there with seldom-seen Suri, who looked very focused on filling her Chanel clutch with balloons. Ahh, to be 8 again. They stayed deliberately far away from Jamie Foxx. We see what you did there, Katie. Just friends, eh?

No, Tidal is not the name of your new detergent. It’s the expensive musician-approved streaming service Jay-Z bought back in January, and it’s got 140 years worth of tracks so you’ll be dead long before you can reap the benefit of "music as the artists intended it". What does that even mean?

Jay-Z cc’ed everyone in his address book and got a whole bevy of mostly-still-relevant artists to come out and shill his product. It was a weird press conference, where Beyoncé rocked up in stage wear, Alicia Keyes made a speech in which she mispronounced the word ‘adage’ and referenced Nietzsche? And then Madonna put her leg on the table, because she’s still got it. Jay-Z says Tidal is going to change the course of history, but it mostly looks like another version of Spotify, except twice the price. I think I’ll pass, Jay.

Idris Elba as the next Bond? Roger Moore wouldn’t be a fan. The rumors naming Elba as the next Bond have been circulating for years, and it isn’t the first time some idiot spoke out against it. Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh said back in December that James Bond is “white and Scottish. Period.” Ugh.

Now a former Bond has weighed in. In an interview with Paris Match to promote his book, Moore commented on the other Bond actors, admitting he never watched any of the Pierce Brosnan films. Asked if Elba would make a good Bond, Moore says, “Years ago, I said that Cuba Gooding, Jr. would be a great Bond, but it was a joke! Even though James has been played by Scott, a Welshman, and Irishman, I think he should be English-English. It’s an interesting idea, but it’s unrealistic.”

Moore then took to Twitter to deny any intended racism, claiming it was lost in translation. Yeah, buddy, but there isn’t much room for error translating “anglais-anglais” to “English-English”. Step away from the Elba, Roger.

Finally, we miss you already, Jon Stewart. Stewart is stepping down after hosting The Daily Show for 16 years, and South African comedian Trevor Noah was just named as his replacement. While a female late night host is wayyyy past due, we’ll take Noah over yet another middle-aged white man. Plus he’s cute.

Logan gets total credit for this week's column. I have been running around like a maniac doing... I don't even know what I've been doing.

But as promised - here's an update on my new hair washing regime. My scalp is a bit itchy and dry but my hair feels softer already. I'm going to put cocobutter all up on m'head an hour before my next wash. Tried and tested method of pumping some moisture back into the scalp. Plus it's like the deepest of deep conditioning treatments for your hair.

More hair news and loads more from the Hollywood Hills next week!

Logan and Anna x