Another week, another round of sweet, sweet gossip all up in your face, because celebrities continue to be stupid and wonderful in equal measure and we continue to be appauled and amused simultaniously.

Let's begin with the fact that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively gave their child a name. Why is this news? I’m wondering that myself. I would rather not pay attention to either of them, but they are just too annoying to ignore. Since the birth of their daughter three months ago, both have insisted on keeping the name private. Reynolds’ reason? To the Associated Press he explained, “That little girl will grow up to be a teenager who will find out that I blurted her name out on national television and probably make me pay for it. She will exact her revenge in searing, psychic pain."

Dude, you’re both famous. You think you can keep your kid’s name a state secret until she turns 18? And sure, celebrity kids are famously well adjusted, so you definitely only need to worry about her name in the public record.

This week Reynolds realized the jig was up, and released the name of his daughter, James*. Please, Ryan Reynolds and Serena from Gossip Girl. Don’t be precious about ostensibly protecting your privacy, then turn around and “reveal” your daughters name timed precisely with the publicity push for your new film.

*I was going to comment on their name choice, but as a woman with a traditionally male name I have no leg to stand on. Anna? Care to comment?

Yes. The name James for a girl is stupid. - Anna

So it’s been almost three years since Katie Holmes pulled on her Invisibility Cloak, consulted her Marauder’s Map, and snuck-the-eff out of the School of Witchcraft, Wizardry, and Scientology. Aka three years since she surprise-divorced Tom Cruise. She hasn’t found a personality or much of a career in the intervening years, but has she found love?

After a photo was leaked showing her and Jamie Foxx holding hands, everyone jumped on the romance bandwagon. Katie landed on the cover of US Weekly, everyone feels better that even if her fashion line failed and we haven’t seen Suri in months, maybe – just maybe - she found a keeper. But then Jamie Foxx denied the claim, saying they’re just friends. Is it the Tom Cruise effect? The two are friends and Cruise still has a lot of sway in Hollywood. Foxx dating his ex-wife would probably break the bro-code, though we’ll have to consult L. Ron Hubbard on that one.

Quelle surprise! Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend of two years Suki Waterhouse broke up. Their breakup saves me from ever having to repeat her name, which I always thought sounded like an overpriced cocktail. He is 40, she is 23. Let’s hope Cooper stops the model train right here, and gets off before he hits Leo territory. Remember when he dated Renee Zellweger? Remember her other face? Sigh. People are gunning for a romance between Cooper and his always-costar Jennifer Lawrence but if he drank the DiCaprio-Koolaid, she might be too old and too charismatic for him.

It's been everywhere but of course we had to give a nod to the fact that it's the 25 year anniversary of Pretty Woman. Just look at this outfit for cying out loud! That stomach! Those legs! I know that feminism is the hot topic on everyones lips at the moment but MOTHER MAY I?!

In all seriousness, there's been mixed feelings towards this movie 25 years on. Many are saying enjoy it for what it is, while others are... well, not saying that. I'm in the it's an absolute classic and please stop saying things about it and just let it be and I LOVE PRETTY WOMAN but I also get it but she says she's gonna save him right back so it's ok school of thinking. I think.

Either way, check out these reunion pics. Richard Gere got old yo!

Until next time friends!

Anna and Logan


Oh also, I'm trying this thing where I only wash my hair twice a week because apparently it has amazing results. I'll keep you posted. - Anna.