Living in China can be hard. Sometimes trying to get the simplest thing done can be super stressful, especially if you don’t speak the lingo.

In fact, it can be tough just being in the city – the air, the crowds, the noise. Escaping for a weekend always sounds like a great idea, but escaping to where? Where is there to go? What is there to do?

Enter Travelers Society.

Founder of Travelers Society Juan Pablo (JP) has done his fair share of traveling and has spent 7 years exploring China. It’s his love of travel and adventure, plus his extensive China experience, that makes him the perfect trip organizer and guide.

JP set up the Travelers Society back in October 2014 after spending some time in a Buddhist monastery,which made him decide to ditch the corporate race and follow his passion.

Since then, he's taken bus load after bus load of people on some fantastic trips including skiing and hot springs, paragliding, fake Paris, Harbin Ice Festival, underground river treks, 4X4 driving and rappelling, most within driving distance of the city, but far enough away that it feels like a real break.

All these trips are unique - and probably the most unique of all is the upcoming trip to North Korea in May!

Most of the trips arranged run from Friday to Sunday, but there are handful of longer adventures too. As well as taking part in loads of awesome adrenaline-fuelled activities, you’ll also get the chance to hike, explore old towns, and, of course, party.

Travelers Society is also a great way to meet new people if that’s your bag. If you don't like meeting new people however, JP can also arrange private tours (minimum of 15 people) or a team building weekend for you and your colleagues.

You can get your tickets over at and do it quick – each trip is limited to 30 people!

Scan the code below for the JP's wechat, or add travelers-society1 to get all of the latest trip info. You can also visit