Running a cinema site has many perks, one being that we’ve made it our business to know what's going on in the lives of those who grace the silver screen.

We’re Anna and Logan and we love all things celebrity. Clothes? Yep. Makeup. Uh-huh. Matters of the heart? Bring it.

So are we gossips? We prefer celebrity correspondents. And have we got some juicy stuff to correspond his week.

Firstly, a bit of movie news. The Second Best Exotic Margold Hotel was released in the West on March 6th. Reviews have been a little mixed the general consensus seems to be that it’s a nice way to while away a Sunday afternoon. Full review here.

While Sony hoped Chappie could break $20 million on its opening weekend, it barely broke $13 million. It probably needed a little more Hugh Jackman and a little less Wachowski karma. Director Neill Blomkamp's District 9 breakout hit put him on the map, but in an echo of the Wachowski brothers' post-Matrix missteps, he has yet to follow up on its success. To be fair, nothing can be quite as bad as Jupiter Ascending... Chappie the robot can definitely out-act Mila Kunis, so I might go see it anyway.

So… Kim Kardashian has been doing things to her face again. And she’s gone blonde. In fact, she looks pretty unrecognizable when you compare her now to her sex-tape days. She doesn’t look terrible but she does look worked on and if she keeps going the way she’s going her face is going to start looking weird.

E!'s Fashion Police has never been a bastion of intellect, but you’d think Giuliana could draw the line between catty comments and racism. During the Fashion Police post-Oscars show, host Giuliana Rancic (E! host of many years, uber-thin and uber-annoying) called out actress Zendaya Coleman for wearing her hair in dreadlocks. Rancic commented that she probably "smelled like patchouli oil or ... weed". 18-year-old Zendaya penned a well-measured critique in an open letter to Rancic. The network and Rancic apologized, but now the show is this close to cancellation after Kelly Osbourne and Kathy Griffin quit in the wake of the scandal. Lesson? Don't mess with dreadlocks. Also don’t be an idiot.*

*On a related note, can E! please stop paying stupid people?

Reece Witherspoon and hubby Jim Toth are apparently looking to buy a hotel? They’ve been eyeing properties in Nashville where Reece already has a house so all being well, they’ll be open for business in the near future. I, for one, would love to stay at Reece’s place for a weekend.

I hate Chloe Sevigny. I just don’t like her at all. Maybe it’s her face or the way she talks or the fact that she does stuff like this. Or maybe it’s just… EVERYTHING ABOUT HER. I didn’t think I could dislike her any more, and then she goes and publicly calls my future BFF Jennifer Lawrence annoying and crass. Well guess what Chloe? You’re stupid no one likes you and I don’t know how or why you’re famous. Please leave.

Sean Penn and Robin Wright were married with two kids for over a decade, but their divorce is a far cry from Gwyneth's conscious uncoupling with Chris Martin. They are both engaged to new partners - Penn to Charlize Theron and Wright to Ben Foster - but they aren't exactly pleading the fifth in interviews about their former spouse. In an interview with Esquire UK, Penn claimed that he is on better terms with Madonna (the woman he tied to a chair and hit in the head with a baseball bat) than Wright. Umm… yikes. Wright, for her part, hit back from the cover of Vanity Fair in what is possibly the best-and-bitchiest way, saying: "Perhaps it's not ladylike, but I've never laughed more, read more or come more than with Ben [Foster]." For the record, Foster is 14 years her junior. Damn, Robin, you killed this round.

And finally... The Beiber roast. He got absolutely torn apart. Obviously. Is it weird that I feel a tiny little bit sorry for the kid? I mean, I guess he knew what he was signing up for but wow. It was brutal. It's airing on 30th March, but here's a couple of the worst burns. I think my favourite is Martha Stewart chiming in with "Justin, you have no idea what you're in for. I'm sure it's great to have 60 million followers on Twitter, but the only place people will be following you in jail is into the shower." Ouch. (And LOL.)