We all love going to the cinema, but it has to be said that a trip to the movies in China is slightly different to back home...

1. You don't have salty popcorn?!? COME'ON

This is probably expats biggest complaint about going to the cinema here - it's sweet or nothin'!


If your watching an English language film the majority of the audience are going to be relying on the Chinese subtitles. Therefore, they can talk all they like. Nothing a few death-stares can't fix.

3. Put your phone away fool!

For the same reasons as number 2... However, this one can be a blessing - if you're watching a particularly boring film you feel OK about checking your Wechat!

4. Every cinema is at the top of a shopping centre..

I mean, not ALL of them. But sometimes it seems like you spend more time on an escalator than you do in the theatre.

5. EVERY film is in 3D

OK, this is probably the same everywhere, but sometimes it seems a bit unnecessary, right? Maybe it's just me..

6. Some theatres smell a bit...

Remember that distinct smell of a cinema back home? Basically they smell like popcorn and good times. Some movie theatres in China share that smell, the one's that you pay 50RMB a ticket for however...

7. Censorship.

Another thing you just have to put up with - unless you fancy taking on the Chinese government. Anyone? No? Didn't think so.

8. Chinese product placement and general film meddling

They can pretty much do what ever they want. Iron Man 3 was a perfect example of this - read more here

9. People leaving before the end of the film

This one I can't explain ... are they rushing to beat the car park queues?

10. Despite all of this, we are grateful to have one of our favourite home comforts all the way out here in China!

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