Jozef K plays Arkham this Saturday in what's set to be a brilliant night. They also have Calculon (shoot Records, USA) on the bill. Two international DJ's on the bill for just 60rmb. doesn't happen often!

Q: This is your first time playing in China right? You've got gigs in Beijing and Shanghai, anything outside the gigs that you fancy seeing or doing especially?

I want to check the Jade Temple in Shanghai and Lama Gong temple in Beijing, which have come highly recommended. And also ride the ferry across to the Bund.

Q: So is Buddhism something your intrigued by?

The concept of the Buddhist religion is some I like to live life by, the principals are something that I truly believe and agree with, some of the spiritual aspects I don't strictly abide by but I do not disregard them either. Learning to meditate is something that has been very beneficial to me, developing the technique has helped me to keep a cool head during some of the bigger moments in my career and life, especially at times when I had to perform under pressure.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your residency in Ibiza and balancing that hectic life on the isle with other gigs in europe in the same week? You must have done pretty well as you were awarded the best newcomer award for one of the islands biggest clubs this year, and Darius Syrossian shared his best resident award with you.

Yes it has been a great summer, I have enjoyed flying around it was really cool, though I also felt like i was living in the airport at times, I think the security guards knew me by name by the end of it.

And yeah it was a nice feeling to get some recognition after having worked so hard on what i do. All that effort has paid off and hope to continue in the same vain next year.

So thats just on the djing front but your production has been picked up by some huge labels.

I've got 5 EPs out in the next year, Let's Play House, Rawax and Rebirth and 2 others signed on a label that I can't announce just yet and tonnes more in the pipeline.

Q: You’ve been playing with Will A for his night Rhythm Works previously
and at MINIMALIST this time round, have you ever run your own series of
nights and are they anything similar to what the MINIMALIST/ Rhythm Works
guys are doing?

Will A is a wicked DJ and am looking forward to playing alongside him over the next few days. He has made a real name for himself in Shanghai and is testament to his talent. His night has the same musical concept of a party series I used to run to in Manchester, the main difference is Will's parties are always rammed and mine were empty, I am better concentrating on playing shows, promotion was never my strong point!

Catch Jozef at Dada Beijing this Friday and Arkham in Shanghai on Saturday.

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