In a city such as Shanghai where the number of bars is staggeringly high yet still hotly contested by the number of banks…the number of estate agencies…hairdressers….and toilet stores…. it is easy to get lost in the sea of alcohol being peddled by ‘nouveau’ bars the sort ‘riche’ people like to loiter around with upturned noses.

In waltzes C’s. Well actually, no. C’s wouldn’t waltz in; in fact C’s stays right where it is between DingXi Road and YanAn Road with no illusions of grandeur and air of pretentiousness because it goes against all that. C’s is viewed by many long time purveyors of Shanghai nightlife as THE quintessential and much loved dive bar that spawned a number of now more widely known underground (in both the literal and figurative sense) bars and clubs. The walls are covered in graffiti, a mixture of art interspersed with tags and brassy one liners because the proprietors have given free access to customers to leave their mark upon the walls of this now infamous bar. Since it’s inception almost 15 years ago, C’s has given birth to many standout and break-away events not to mention opportunities for local DJs to begin earning their trade amongst the more favourable foreign counterparts.

Think of C’s as a labyrinth spawning pool of underground creativity with room upon room of character and attitude the likes you won’t stumble across anywhere else in this city of 30million.

The management have recently taken it upon themselves to replace their aging sound-system with a quality that now rivals or even outstrips many other venues across town. C’s Bar, the original dive bar with enough underground personality to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool will begin hosting a new monthly night BRAZEN beginning this Saturday the 22nd of November, and what a way to kick things off.

Gathering enough members of the Shanghai underground to offer an outfield football team, the idea behind the night is simple; bold bordering on insolent House and Techno music. We have the MINIMALIST Residents, the VOID Residents, the Sic Transit Residents and Space Waves Resident all going back to back to offer you what you didn’t know in underground electronic music.

Being a bar first and foremost we can forgive the lack of dancefloor space but with dirt cheap drinks and plenty of rooms to lose yourself right until the very early hours... What’s not to like?

“SH_Ultra will be slipping into a pair of assless pants and setting up a Berghain-style dark room in one of the many little alcoves in C’s bar.”

“Will A would like you and everyone you know to come on down and take off your bra-zen. You may even get 20RMB for your troubles…”