So I am not what you’d describe as a lover of exercise. I don’t like the gym, my arms are way to long and gangly to run without looking like a cartoon character, plus it hurts my back and my knees, and the idea of ‘benching’ anything heavier than my cat is kind of hilarious.

As much as I hate working out, I love free stuff, so when a friend told me about a new spin studio that was offering free classes, I was torn. Then she told me the class she wanted to drag me to was at 7am and I audibly laughed. However, I’ve become a bit of a running joke among my ‘fit’ friends who do races and bike rides and walk to the store instead of, say, riding their scooter, so I thought I’d give it a whirl and prove to them that although I don’t like increasing my heart rate unless ABSOLUTELY necessary, that’s not to say I CAN’T.

Tuesday rolled around and my alarm went off at 6.10. I called my buddy and her phone was off. I was saved! Or so I thought. 2 minutes later her boyfriend called to say she was on her way to my place to pick me up. Urgh.

We got to Becycle Studio on Changhua Road in Jing’an and I have to say I was impressed. We know that spinning has been around for a long time but this place feels a bit different. It's cool looking and the lighting is disco-like and there's a big screen behind the instructor and the music pumped me right up.

We were shown how to use our bikes and off we went on a journey around Costa Rica, or so the huge screen at the front of the room would have you believe. We followed mountain paths and went through shallow rivers and rode past waterfalls and along rocky terrain. All the while the instructor pushing us hard making us get our sweat on.

The music choice was perfect and kept the class moving at a speedy pace. And guess what? I finished! I actually completed the class WITHOUT dying. And also, I felt fantastic afterwards, like friggin’ Wonder Woman. And unlike all other stupid exercise, my legs weren’t jelly-like or aching for days afterwards. Score!

I think I can officially announce that I am now a spinner and I shall continue to spin at Becycle because they are awesome.

For your free spin, check out their site -