Can one ever choose where the heart leads us? This impulsive adaptation of Cabaret, brought to the stage by East West Theatre, bares its soul and its body to celebrate sexuality, creativity and performance within a performance.

A naughty whisper about the ears, scarlet lips left on the cheek, a seductive clench wherever their hands may wonder; no audience member is safe at The Kit Kat Club. The Cabaret girls are beautiful, even the boys are beautiful, heavily made up and tightly bound in leather. Our host was the most eye-catching of all; we didn’t know where to look. His crotch was bulging, but to make eye contact with him seemed more of a sin. The facial expression he held made you feel as if he were peeling the clothes right off your back. His performance of Two Ladies with bubbly duo, Texas and Frenchy, was vibrant, provocative and insanely humorous.

The racy threesome stayed in character even when the lights went down, the giggles from behind stage enhanced the illusion that in the Kit Kat Club, life is beautiful. But the truth is, it’s poisonous and perverted, and these dark under tones are clear to all of the senses. You can smell the dirty money and taste the bitter conflict of the Nazis. The club is a drug to Sally Bowles and her addiction to the spotlight is so fabulously portrayed by Emilie Ohana, her powerful voice being something of admiration.

The script is witty yet overtly sexual. The cast makes great use of the small stage, working amongst the audience and appearing high above the crowd from the balcony. If you loose yourself amid the feather bowers, fishnets and prostitutes don’t be afraid to feel wild and unpredictable, under this roof, mom’s the word! After all, “life is a Cabaret old chum”, so come to the Cabaret!

Where: The Pearl theatre, 471 Zhapu lu, near Wujin lu. 2-minute walk from Sichuan Bei Lu metro station line 10, exit 2.

When: 16th-26th October. On Thursdays and Sundays doors open at 7pm and the show starts at 8pm. On Fridays and Saturdays doors open at 8pm and the show starts at 9pm.

Price: 180 rmb in advance, 200 rmb at the door.